Well-attended Winter Solstice run to Braidwood

Sunday 21 June 2020 saw 36 CACMC members and friends shake their fists at the threatening weather and take 22 vehicles out for our Midwinter run. Destination was Braidwood, via Hoskinstown and Bungendore.

We enjoyed fine cool weather, and only a few spots of rain on the afternoon run home.

Much to discuss (at a distance) after so long isolated

Assembly in the “Spotlight” carpark in Queanbeyan was an opportunity for many to catch up with friends they had not seen over the recent months of compulsory isolation and zero club activity.

All shapes and sizes welcome in CACMC – a Honda Prelude, a mighty Buick Super 8, and military spec Land Rover on the grid.

It turned out to be a “roll your own” itinerary. Some cautious members chose to do a shortened version of the route and turn around at Bungendore. Others overshot the King’s Highway turnoff to Captain’s Flat, and so missed the Hoskinstown-Bungendore leg through green hills, rain-freshened bush and the peaceful pastoral run into Bungendore. Some took a pit-stop in Bungendore, while others shot straight through to Braidwood. For the route home, some from northern parts of Canberra took the Mac’s Reef road rather than return via Queanbeyan.

At the rendezvous by Braidwood’s Ryrie Park, a fine range of cars showed off the variety of vehicles that we welcome in CACMC. People strolled up and down the Braidwood main street, finding refreshments from local businesses and fossicking in the quirky shops that were open. Others enjoyed their picnics in Ryrie Park. Many commented how good it was to be out and about again, after so long confined.

Volvo, Daimler, Monaro, FC Special, Lincoln, Valiant, Buick, Ford Capri, LandRover, P76, Honda, Buick and Cressida bring classic beauty to Braidwood’s Ryrie Park

Here is the full attendance lineup:

Craig Keogh + 3  – 1975 Chrysler Valiant Charger
Phil & Fay Cancillier – 1970 Buick Le Sabre
Alan & Gail Boate – 1989 Land Rover Perentie
Graham & Heather Gittins – modern
Joe & Liz Micallef – 1980 Honda Prelude
Richard & Dilber Thwaites – 1954 Daimler Conquest
Brian & Margaret Ely – modern
Michael & Vanda Catanzariti – 1968 HK Holden Monaro
Helen Philips – modern
Phillip & Margaret Smith  – 1947 Buick Super 8
Dave Byers – 1972 Van den Plas Princess 1300
Brian O’Donnell + 1 – 1978 Lincoln Town Car
John de la Torre & Lucy – modern
Graham and Ellen Waite – modern
Chris & Irene Berry – 1983 Toyota Crown
Ray & Anne Gallagher – 1972 Austin 3-Litre
Charlie Adams – 1950 Studebaker Champion
David Brand – Ford Capri
Mike Hettinger – 1986 Volvo 240GL
David & Jennifer Fox – 1973 Leyland P76
Ian & Marion Hooley – 1982 Toyota Cressida
Jack Press – 1958 Holden FC Special