Summer days out at Braidwood and Queanbeyan Park

A dozen fine CACMC cars lined the King’s Highway at the entrance to Braidwood, joining the celebrations of arts and crafts in the annual “Airing of the Quilts” weekend, Sunday 26th November.

A week later members and friends enjoyed a very successful Terribly British Day at Queanbeyan Park, 4th December. See more pictures of the lively interest shared by the many exhibitors and owners in this report. .

The Canberra Antique and Classic Motor Club (CACMC) is one of the largest car clubs in the ACT.  It welcomes single and family memberships, and caters for all makes and models of cars, bikes and trucks.

We have more than 250 members, who between them have more than 300 vehicles from A (Austin), B (Buick) to M (Morris) to Z (Zephyr), registered and running. All categories of motor vehicles more than 30 years old are eligible – check our galleries!

Visitors are always welcome. Club general meetings are normally held on the second Tuesday of the month, and monthly Club runs are usually on the Sunday that follows the general meeting (see the Events calendar for details).