Lend your 60s-80s car for movie production

[From John Silvestro]

EMAIL: Alice Production Design production-design@protonmail.com

“I am the set decorator on the feature film “Alice” which is being produced by Sanguineti Media (www.sanguinetimedia.com.au). Set in 1987, the film is about a teenage girl’s search for the truth behind the death of her friend, Alice.

We commenced filming at the start of the year, however due to COVID-19 filming was suspended. With restrictions being lifted, we are resuming filming in Canberra on Saturday the 27th of June.

To achieve the period look of the film, we are on the search for a few cars from the era to be parked on the side of a street for a few hours. They can be anywhere from the late 1960s through to the mid 1980s.

I am emailing you in the hope that .. members of your club would be willing to donate their time to bring their cars to set in order to help us make a great film that will show just how awesome Canberra is for film production.

While we have yet to schedule all of our filming, later in the year we will need different cars from the same era for other scenes, including some specific cars for our main characters. When I think back to the 80s, I remember my brother’s Datsun 1000, my sister’s ’76 SS Torana, and my Ford Laser Sport, and they represent the types of car I envisioned for our characters. We would ideally like to film them driving and then parking. We would then film the actors getting out of the car, making it look like they have been driving. Any car used on set would obviously be covered by the productions insurance and we will credit every car owner that helps us.

If you could provide me any details of car owners who you think would be willing to donate their time and vehicles, I would be extremely appreciative. Should you have any questions, please feel free to email me.


John Silvestro
Set Decorator”