Experience in Rego transfer ACT to NSW

CACMC member Chris Clark passes on some information gleaned 1/7/2020 in transferring rego from ACT to NSW (full or concession).

  • Proof of identity – If you have never been a client of Service NSW (licence, registration) you will need to establish an ‘identity’. You need a Primary and a Secondary ID. If you choose your current ACT licence as Primary and it shows eg Christopher A Clark, you will need a document – less than 12 months old – that identifies what in my case the ‘A’ stands for!
  • Proof of ownership – we were using current ACT Registration Certificate. Not good enough! They need a document that shows that Stamp Duty has been paid! You can visit ACT Shopfront and request a Rego Certificate with details of duty paid (I’m going to try them out on my Holden which was 1st registered in ACT in 1975!) or they will email ACT and you wait for ACT RTA to reply!
  • For Concessional Rego – categorical no RWC if you are a member of a ‘registered’ club – just need appropriate form completed by your Club ‘registrar or inspector’.
  • All of this was as of today (1 July 2020) at Queanbeyan Service NSW offices.