Proposal to reduce Membership fees.

At the General Meeting on 10 March the Committee introduced a proposal to adjust membership fees from 1 July 2020. 

  • Single and Family membership will each be reduced by $5p.a., and a new optional subscription fee of $20p.a. will be introduced for those members who choose to receive The Colonial magazine by post.
  • Members who need to receive posted copies will have that $20 subscription fee waived, on a case by case basis.

The basic reason for the change is the increasing cost of printing and posting the monthly magazine, compared to the low cost of delivering The Colonial to the great majority of members who receive it by email.  At the same time, the Club recognises that every member is entitled to receive The Colonial, including those members without practical access access email. 

Members with queries or comments on the proposal are invited to be in touch with  or any other Committee member, prior to the next Committee Meeting which is on Tuesday 7 April.

Click here to see details of the proposal.