1962 EK Holden Special – Graeme Evans

The 1962 EK that we write about is the second such model owned by us. We purchased the first second hand from a dealer in Ashfield, Sydney after returning from the United States where we spent about 20 months in Berkeley, California. During our time there we owned a 1956 Buick Century four door pillarless hardtop. We have one memento from the Buick that is now in the EK we write about. It is a clip-on mirror from the passenger side sun visor that is inscribed Buick is a beauty too – goes down well with female passengers.

The EK that we purchased in Ashfield served us well for about thirty years. It is stored in a garage at Numeralla waiting to be restored. That was to be a job in retirement, but work got in the way and restoration remains an unfulfilled dream. It probably won’t happen now. One thing worth mentioning though is that we brought a child’s seat back from the United States that had two arms that allowed the seat to be hung on the front seat of the car. We used this seat for all three children with no restraint – one shudders at the thought now.

The EK on club plates was purchased in Batlow some twenty years ago. Graeme grew up in Batlow and at the time we purchased the car we had reason to travel there relatively frequently. We recall seeing the car parked in front of a retirement village and commented on it once or twice. Then one day we were walking around the town to show Carole where various people lived. On seeing a fellow Graeme knew we stopped for a chat. His garage door was up a few feet and we could see the EK inside. Graeme commented something to the effect that “I see you have an EK Holden”, to which he replied, “yes, do you want to buy it”. The rest is now history. Fortunately the car is a manual, the hydramatics would not pull the skin of a rice pudding.

The car came with the original papers – warranty, owner’s manual, service protection plan, workshop manual and registration papers. The papers showed it was first registered in January 1962, indicating it was almost certainly made in 1961. Club members will know that GMH released new models, such at the EK, in about September the previous year. The registration papers and NRMA membership showed that the car was purchased by a lady whom Graeme knew as a boy while living in the town. The car would have been garaged until she moved into the retirement home. We cannot say how long it might have been without cover, but from the paint work, not all that long.

We always referred to the car as the ‘pink’, but have since been advised that the colour is cameo beige.

When we purchased the car it had 30 000 miles on the clock and was then thirty years old. An Ampol service sticker remains on the quarter light window showing the milage and date of service. We have been told that the owner used the car mostly to travel to Tumut with her sister about once a week and occasionally to Wagga. Both destinations were used by locals to purchase goods not readily available from the few small shops in Batlow. The EK has no rust and the upholstery, floor coverings and head liner are all in original condition.

Our two daughters used the vehicle when they were living at home or on visits. Carole also used the car, but eventually gave it away because of the number of cars that would jump in front of her. She always left a good space because of the poor braking system. The car now has 50 000 miles on the clock and does very few trips these days. It has been used for three high school/college formals and both daughters’ weddings and another friend’s. Grandchildren like to come for a run when visiting and there is time.

One little complaint we have with the car is the hard drive on radial ply tyres. Cross ply are no longer available, except as six ply tyres for caravans. Of course, the car steers like blancmange, as many cars of the era did.

Graeme and Carole Evans

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