1956 Hillman Husky – Chris Berry

The Husky was resurrected from a watercourse in Queanbeyan and towed home with the idea of “doing it up” as a knock about car.

It was in a sad and sorry state with a seized engine block, no glass or interior, but still had four wheels. The body was rusted through in places and had suffered some panel damage.

I enrolled in basic panel beating and spray painting at Canberra Technical College and requiring a project to work on, the Husky was used. The rust was cut out, new panels made up and welded in, damaged panels were straightened and the body began to look presentable.

The next stage was spray painting and once again a project was needed which resulted in the Husky receiving a new coat of paint. The blue over grey was the original colours.

During the time taken to restore the body, I was given two Hillman sedans to use as parts. One was a 1956, same year as the Husky, the other a 1960 Minx. Out of both cars the mechanical components, wiring looms and other necessary items were removed and the shells were dumped.

The rear axle, front and rear suspension was dismantled, cleaned, worn components replaced, painted and reassembled into the body.

The motor was not touched except for a tune up and a compression test gave 140 psi per cylinder. The gear box is original with a new clutch and pressure plate fitted.
Next came the upholstery which was done by the late Bill Phillips. The colour RED was as close to original as possible.

Templates of the glass were taken and new safety glass was made and fitted into new rubber and mouldings.

The car was now completed, taken to Dickson Registry Station, passed with a clear sheet and was used as every day transport.

The instruments came from the ‘56 sedan and out of both wiring looms one was made to suit the Husky.

All the components were installed, a battery fitted, the engine started, a box for a seat and the car was driveable.

Both Bill Phillips and Waine Summerfield suggested that I join the CA&CMC and use the Husky on club events—so, I joined.

As a club car the Husky received the Recognition Award for 1987/88.

Chris and Irene Berry.