Annual Trophies awarded at December picnic meeting

CACMC’s presentation of annual awards and trophies took place this year at the Picnic Meeting held on 8 December at Yarralumla lake foreshore.   COVID precautions had prevented the holding of our usual Presentation Dinner earlier in the year.

The restoration awards had been judged at the Wheels display in March, at Queanbeyan Showgrounds.

Vehicle Awards:

Matthew Houston:  1923 Alvis  12/50 Ducksback.

  • Bill Amies award for mechanical excellence (judged by Club examiners)
  • Best English Marque  (judged by Club examiners)
  • Restoration of the Year  pre-1945  (judged by Club examiners)

“Best British Marque” presented by Registrar Bob Alexander

Bill Amies Award for Mechanical Excellence – presented by examiner and Vice-President, Joe Micallef.

Restoration of the Year – pre-1945. Presented by Joe Micalleff

Lee Gaynor: 1934 De Soto Airflow

  • Best American Marque  (judged by Club examiners)

Best American Marque – presented to Lee Gaynor by inspector Waine Summerfield

David Fox: 1973 Leyland P76

  • Restoration of the Year post-1945 (judged by Club examiners)

Restoration of the Year – post-1945. Presented to David Fox by Bob Alexander.

John Tuckey:  1958 Rochdale Mustard

Judges swarming over John Tuckey’s unique Rochdale Mustard.

  • Mal Mason Vehicle of the Year (judged by Club Registrar)

Mike Morrison: 1970 HG Monaro GTS

  • People’s Choice at Wheels (by popular vote at the Wheels event)

Michael and Anne Toole: 1948 home-built Bondwood caravan

  • Special vehicle award (judged by Club inspectors)

Michael and Anne Toole receive special award from Waine Summerfield.

Participation Awards

Alan Boate: for reorganisation and cataloguing of club library

  • Henri Le Grand award for club participation (judged by Committee)

Alan Boate receives Henri le Grand trophy from Richard Thwaites.

Graham BiggBrian and Margaret Ely: (joint winners)

  • Events Shield  (calculated from Events Committee event participation records)

Graham Bigg and Brian Ely jointly receive the Events Shield, presented by Richard Thwaites

David Fox:

  • Colonial Award (for contribution to The Colonial, judged by Editor)

David Fox receives Colonial award from Editor, Helen Phillips.

OBE Awards (over bloody eighty!)

An endurance honour for members participating actively having attained their 80th year.

OBEs from President Graham Waite presented to Ellen Waite, Helen Phillips, and Alec McKernan.