President’s Run 2021 – Lake to Lakes

The annual President’s Run, originally scheduled for August, got deferred and deferred by the unpredictable COVID lockdowns affecting the ACT and NSW. We finally got it moving on Sunday 14th November, just barely making it through threatening weather forecasts.

Some blue sky at Bowen Park. Geoff Hall’s Fiat 500 in foreground

Rendezvous at the Bowen Park carpark on the south side of Lake Burley Griffin, near Kingston, was dry and with some patches of blue sky, though a blustery breeze. A good range of members showed the courage to attend, with a good range of vehicles (see below). By 11:30 we were ready to head off on a suburban route taking us on main roads that followed the course of the Molonglo down past the new suburb Whitlam, then over Belconnen Ridge to meet the Gininderra Creek and follow it back upstream to the Gungahlin Lakes Club for lunch.

Geoff Hall’s camera assistant, Momo, appreciating the graceful charms of Brian O’Donnell’s Cadillac Fleetwood en route

We organisers observed a buffet approach to participation by our members. A few came to the rendezvous, had a post-lockdown catch-up with some friends, then dispersed to other pursuits. Some others ignored the rendezvous and/or route instructions and turned up at the destination Club just for lunch. Still others completed the driving route, but didn’t stay for lunch. Just as well we hadn’t committed to a headcount, though in the end we had 24 mouths at the table at Gungahlin Lakes.

Special thanks to Geoff Hall and his hairy off-sider Momo for recording the run and participants in both stills and video.  Click here for Geoff’s video of the run, with many daring passing shots.

The classy snout of Brian O’Donnell’s new ’69 Cadillac Fleetwood, with two club Mercs behind.

Doug Smith’s Datsun ute kept in top nick

Paul McKeich’s classic ’79 Kingswood, recently arrived from West Australia

Malcolm Noad’s ’68 Mini K blending tastefully with the lush landscape

ATTENDANCE:  32 Persons,  21 Vehicles.

Richard & Dilber Thwaites –  ‘53 Daimler Conquest
Geoff Hall – ‘65 Fiat 500
John Liston  – ‘68 Hillman Hunter
Malcolm Noad –  ‘68 Morris Mini Cooper
Brian O’Donnell & Wilma –  ‘69 Cadillac Fleetwood
Brian & Margaret Ely –  ‘72 Triumph Spitfire
Dave Byers –  ‘72 Vanden Plas Princess
Paul McKeich –  ‘79 Holden Kingswood
Joe & Liz Micallef –  ‘80 Honda Prelude
Geoff Fiddian & David Brand –  ‘85 Mercedes Benz 190E
Andrew Hazi & Annie –  ‘86 Mazda 626
John De la Torre –  ‘86 Mercedes Benz 190E
Peter & Sue Herbert –  ‘88 Mercedes Benz 180E
Chris & Irene Berry –  modern
Doug Smith & Anna Kieltyka –  modern
Gerry & Kay Walker –  modern
Graham & Ellen Waite –  modern
Graham Bigg –  modern
Helen Phillips –  modern
Wayne & Sandra Smith –  modern