Mountain Creek Road to Yass – 16 August 2020

We collected at Uriarra Road below Mt Stromlo, then headed West to cross the Murrumbidgee at the low-level Uriarra Crossing, just re-opened after floods.

CACMC events are pretty free-spirited during these pandemic times. Some members came to the rendezvous and went no further. Others buzzed straight up the familiar Federal Highway and met us at Yass. Others were seen self-guiding to various eating destinations.

Below participants line up at our rendezvous on the Mt Stromlo side of Uriarra Road, with Molonglo suburbs in the background.

Sunny patches and misty patches made for a picturesque drive. Here we paused for a glamour photo shoot beside Mountain Creek Road.

Historic Taemas Bridge crosses the Murrumbidgee where it enters Burrinjuck Dam, on the road linking Yass to Wee Jasper and Tumut across the mountains.

North of Taemas Bridge is a steep climb out of the Murrumbidgee valley.

Further up the ridge, we look back over the upper reaches of Burrinjuck Dam.

A full convoy stretches out on the rolling country road heading towards Yass.

All these shots courtesy of Geoff Hall. Most are snipped from Geoff’s video, really worth watching at this link.