Events Reports – 2013-2015


The club’s weekend away on 18-19 July took in the central west of New South Wales including Cowra, Parkes, Condobolin and Forbes with an overnight stay at Parkes. All in all we travelled around 700 kilometres over the two days.

Starting at the Hall lay-by at 8am we travelled through fog until Cowra for morning tea the rest of the day was sunny fine and cool.

The Parkes Antique Motor Club put on a splendid BBQ sausage and steak with four different salads for lunch, followed by a selection of cakes and slices that would have done The CWA Branch proud, also a cup of home made pumpkin soup on our arrival.

We are extremely grateful to the Parkes club for the hospitality they showed to us. We have issued an invitation to them to come to Canberra sometime and we hope they will take up our offer.

Phil Dickson a member of the Parkes Club invited us to his property on the fringe of Cowra to view some of his collection of Trucks, mainly Albions, of which he is an acknowledged authority in Australia. The collection includes a Albion truck which was used to carry racing legend Phar Lap when he raced in Sydney.

Other vehicles in the collection included two fire engines and two vehicles (Albions) from the Sydney Bus and Truck Museum.

A rest before dinner at Bent restaurant adjacent to the Court Street Motel our accommodation for the night. The two course meal was more than most members could eat, beautifully presented and served.

We woke next morning to a bright sunny day with some members travelling to the Parkes Telescope known as the Dish, after the film of the same name, about 20 kilometres from Parkes and others travelled to see the Utes in Paddock outdoor display.

This unusual display features a range of Utility vehicles from early Holden’s to around 1984 models in various positions some standing on their rear or front on their bonnet all painted in a theme.

From there it was onto Condobolin for morning tea and then to Forbes for lunch and a tour of the McFeeters Motor Museum, before heading for home.

Only Ray and Anne Gallagher failed to proceed when their Austin Three litre suddenly stopped, no splutter, it just stopped with a rotor button failure between Cowra and Boorowa. A tow truck was organised and the vehicle towed to Boorowa.

Next day Ray and Anne travelled back to Boorowa with a replacement rotor button. Keith and Lily had to call on their son to change a flat tyre before thy left home on Saturday morning, but caught up to us in time for dinner on Saturday evening.

Our thanks to Club events member Chris Berry for organising the weekend, which will go down as one of the highlights of the club year.

Club members who entered the event were:

David and Jan Wyatt

Chris and Irene Berry

George and Aileen Sturgess

Tony and Chris Stone

Grahame Crocket and Susan

Graham Bigg and Dulce

Joe and Liz Micallef

Ray and Anne Gallagher

Bob and Dana Garrett

Keith and Lily Carswell

Graham and Heather Gittins

Elvis Presley lives at the King’s Museum, Parkes

Garford fire engine and Truck, part of Phil Dickson’s vehicle collection.




The legend lives on

On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, history repeated itself at the Canberra Battle of Waterloo car display when the British Marques outnumbered the French by nearly two to one.

The annual face-off between the British and French manufactured cars was held on Rond Terrace on the shore Lake Burley Griffin.

The victory of The Duke of Wellington over Napoleon in Belgium is remembered each year when the French and British car clubs display their vehicles with the country of origin declared the winner by the greatest number of marques on display.

This year British 73 French 38 was a resounding victory for the British.

Held in glorious, windless June winter weather on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin the display of vehicles was nothing short of spectacular. The oldest of the French vehicles was a Citroen 2CV and a rare Peugeot motor bike.

On the English side a Rolls Royce pre-war Phantom 11 was a great crowd puller as was a later model Rolls Royce with a handmade gun turret to look like an armoured car.

To round off the display a dozen bottles of Arrogant Frog wine were presented to lucky ticket holders.

For next year’s contest, the German automobile clubs will be invited to display their vehicles as part of the Prussian army was involved in the original Battle of Waterloo.

Canberra Antique and Classic Motor Club members spotted included:

Alan Martin

Ken Walker

John Liston

Roger and Barbara Phillips

Dave Byers

Alec McKernan

Graham Bigg

Graham Waite

Graham Gittins

Dave Byers’ 1972 Vanden Plas Princess in foreground.

Barbara Phillips’ 1963 Ford Anglia near the lake

Ken Walker’s 1951 A40 Sports Austin with its back to us.


The day started cool and cloudy as club members and friends gathered at the Spotlight/Supercheap carpark at Queanbeyan for the customary yarning, inspections or shopping prior to departure on yet another exciting adventure.

While all club members’ pride and joys are noteworthy, mention must be made of a new thoroughbred in the paddock, namely Rob Swain’s 1957 Bentley Continental coupe, which drew an admiring throng.

At 1045 the cavalcade moved off to Bungendore, arriving just as the sun parted the Lake George mist, heralding a lovely day ahead.

Alighting from their barely-tested conveyances, members began to promenade, taking a first taste of the many delights preparatory to gathering at noon for lunch in the Lake George Hotel. It must be said that several members chose to dine at alternative establishments.

An impressive throng managed to find seating in the dining room and outdoor area of the nicely refurbished venue. Pleasantries were exchanged while diners waited for their repast, which afterwards was judged to be of good quality.

After the meal, promenading resumed in earnest. It was pleasing to see members disporting themselves creditably, by observing the required formalities of hat-doffing curtseying and exchanging calling-cards.

Artisan establishments, antique emporiums and coffee houses appeared to be well-attended by these genteel folk.

These happy and well-fed patrons eventually said their farewells and departed for our own metropolis in little clusters.

In summing up attendances, it is pleasing to report that some 31 carriages made the journey, conveying 51 day-trippers on this most memorable outing.

Credit is due to the staff of the Lake George Hotel for serving our large group so expeditiously with such delicious fare.

Thanks to Bob Garrett

And thanks for organizing this event Bob.

Cancillier 1939 Buick and Brian McKay’s 1948 Plymouth

1957 Bentley Continental of Rob Swain and Dawn Delaney

Alec, Joe and Bob at lunch.

Garrett’s 1929 Hudson and Gallagher’s 1972 Austin

Tony and Sue Roberts and Graham and Heather Gittins having coffee after lunch.

Roger Amos had the top up on his 1969 MGB as Coralie came with him.


The 39th Canberra Terribly British Day attracted around 250 cars, commercials and motor cycles.

This number was down on 2013 number of around 350, but given the rain Canberra had during the week before the display day a very good effort in deed.

Due to the rain the National Capital Authority closed Patrick White Lawns, the original display location and he display was relocated to the Treasury Building car park and attracted a large number of spectators.

Special guests were University of Canberra Vice Chancellor, Professor Stephen Parker and his wife, who had the difficult task of selecting the ‘car I would most like to take home’ and the best club display.

The special guests were conveyed to and from the display site in a former Vice-Regal Rolls Royce Phantom V, which with a number of other Rolls Royce’s travelled from Sydney to participate in Terribly British Day.

The couple’s final choice for the ‘car I would most like to home’ was a 1956 AC ACECA of Peter Hoskin a member of the Canberra Antique and Classic Motor Club.

The best club display was awarded to the Triumph Car Club of Canberra which had a wide variety of models on display.

A theme for the day was pith helmets and quite a number of exhibitors were seen wearing their white military style pith helmets.

The Lions Club did their usual splendid job of feeding the multitude with bacon and egg rolls, and sausage sandwiches.

Terribly British Day sponsors Shannons Insurance and NRMA Veteran, Vintage and Classic Insurance were kept busy answering questions and preparing quotes for exhibitor’s vehicles. Lennock Motors brought along the latest Jaguar and Range Rover models.

The day also received support from the Council of ACT Motor Clubs. .

British music from Vera Lynn, Harry Secombe and British military band music entertained members of the public and exhibitors for the duration of the display time.

This was the 39th annual display of British vehicles in Canberra making it one of, if not the oldest, vehicle displays in the national capital.

Thanks to Graham Gittins

The Terribly British Day guests, University of Canberra Vice Chancellor Prof and Mrs Parker arrive in a Rolls Royce Phantom

Some of our members’ cars.

TBD Chair Paul Sutton, Mrs Parker, Prof Parker and Peter Hoskin who was awarded the car I would most like to take home

December Bar-B-Que by the Lake, 9 December 2014

Once again we had a successful event for our Christmas Bar-b-que by the lake on 9th December which replaced our normal monthly meeting.

We had a good attendance, 65 people signed the book but also maybe a few more were present and it was most pleasing particularly for the Events Committee (and the President) to observe members enjoying themselves.

Members enjoyed the delicious sausages, onions etc expertly cooked by the chefs plus whatever else they had brought along themselves.

It was very pleasing to see so many members bringing their club vehicles for a run, particularly Claude Favretto with his VW which we don’t see very often.

The raffle prize, a hamper of Christmas goodies was won by Helen Brown. The club appreciates the support of members who purchase the tickets, the proceeds go towards offsetting costs for the event.

Many thanks to the chefs, particularly those not on the Events Committee who also helped with the cooking, the Events Committee members and to Vin for again bringing the club trailer, the club appreciates the work he puts into maintaining the trailer.

We have a great spirit amongst our members.

Thanks Jan

Thanks also to Dana Garrett for the apple pies again.

An overview of the crowd, with Geoff Hall, Roger and Barbara Phillips in the foreground.

Is Phil Donoghoe wishing he had a beard? Between the bearded Roger Amos and Alec McKernan

Chris Berry presented the Christmas hamper to Helen Brown

SURF TO SUMMIT – 8 and 9 November 2014

The view from the passenger seat of a Hino City tow truck is great. You get to see over the paddocks, buildings, other cars and see how full the dams are.

This particular ride in the tow truck came about when the Gittins, Wyatts, Smiths, Roberts and Brays travelled as a club group to attend the Surf to Summit rally in Cooma.

On arrival in Cooma the Gittins travelled past the motel to the Rivers clearance shop but there was nothing we fancied to buy in the shop. So back to the MG Magnette and did a U turn when the engine stopped and refused to start.

A call to the NRMA soon has a patrolman at the window. He looked in the engine and advised that the car was not going anywhere under its own steam, a welsh plug has corroded and all the radiator coolant had leaked out – most of into the distributor cap.

The tow truck arrived shortly after and we asked if could drop off our luggage at the motel on the way back to Canberra.

We arrived back in Canberra around 6.30pm and Mick Wilson of Melba Motors offered us the use of the companies courtesy car a 1990 Toyota Corolla, automatic.

We were back on the road to Cooma by 6.45 and arrived at the motel around 9.20pm and the Chinese restaurant opposite the Motel at 9.30pm for dinner.

Next morning I registered for the Surf to Summit rally telling the registering lady of our problem. While commiserating with us, she was quite firm in that as the Corolla was under age that we follow the field.

A briefing on the run was given and the cars set off for the surf section of the rally. First stop to Bombala primary school for morning tea and then via the Imlay Road to the Seahorse Inn at Boyd Town for a fish and chip lunch .

Then it was time to travel back to Cooma via the Mount Darragh road.

A quick change of clothes and wait for the courtesy bus to pick up us up at 6.10pm for the rally dinner.

Imagine Heather and my surprise when entrant number 72 Heather and Graham Gittins names were called out to receive the Hard luck trophy a very nice trophy, bottle of wine and box of chocolates.

Sunday morning was the Summit part of the rally and we set off from the Cooma car club Rooms at 8.30am for a tour of the Adaminaby Snowy Collection Museum and morning tea provided by the Adaminaby Primary School P&C Association.

Then onto Lake Crackenback Resort for lunch before returning back to Canberra.

The Biennial Surf to Summit is a great event with lots of great scenery, great collection of vehicles, far too much food, great people and very good weather. If you haven’t participated in a Surf to Summit rally put it on your bucket list. The next rally will be in 2016.


Dodge cars in Forbes Town Hall car park.

The above rally held on 12-18 October in Forbes, NSW, has been run and won. And what a triumphant win it was. The organisers should pride themselves and walk tall for their outstanding dedication and success.

On Saturday 11 October I left for the 300 km journey towing the Dodge on the club trailer. Vanda, the wife, would join me on Monday following her volunteering stint at Mt Panorama for the Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000.

My bedroom window neighbours at the Country Club Caravan Park where I was staying were three poddy calves born one and two weeks earlier. These were bottle fed twice daily with formulated milk until their release into the herd. Other Dodge owners from Victoria were my side neighbours.

Registration was on Sunday at the Town Hall where each run, except Wednesday, would start from. Familiar faces, including our fellow club members Russell and Kathy Denning from the Cowra Antique Vehicle Club, were gradually re-appearing. Geoff and Chris Knapman, who were part of the organising team and who had spent the last eighteen months co-ordinating the rally, were run off their feet serving the line-up of rally entrants.

The organisers were hopeful of receiving 100 entries to equal 100 years of Dodge cars in production. They were ecstatic when entry number 102 was received.

Monday morning’s weather was wet and cold. That, combined with the decision not to use the Dodge on longish runs, I used the towing vehicle. Also, Dodge Four braking systems and water do not mix. At the starting point the closed-off car park was almost full of all types of Veteran and Vintage Dodge Fours with a small handful of Historics. The celebration was also open to Graham Bros. vehicles but not one surfaced.

The first run was to Grenfell a round-trip distance of 131 kms to the disused railway station. On the way is a long stretch of road which can only be described as nothing more than a sealed goat track. The organisers had warned everyone to be careful and to drive on the far left side of the road when approaching blind crests. Failing to do this would almost guarantee a head-on with oncoming traffic. Fortunately we encountered only one car travelling in the opposite direction who kindly stopped off the road to let us through – obviously an extremely patient driver. Naturally there were the breakdowns and stopped up ahead was the first casualty. I offered my assistance but shortly after the driver had the spark less Fast Four back to life. There were others stopped along the way and as help was at hand I kept going. Not long after arrival the rain once again let loose. Some owners were over protective with their cars while others either did not care, did not matter or were oblivious to the rain. Having seen whatever there was to be seen I left for the very wet drive back to the caravan park and to reunite with Vanda.

That evening was an introductory meet’n’greet at the Town Hall where the Mayor of the Shire, Mr Ron Penny, provided finger food, soft drinks, beer and wine. In his address he thanked whole heartedly the organisers for having chosen Forbes to host the event.

The run on Tuesday was to Condobolin a round-trip distance of 207 kms and once again the towing vehicle was used. We arrived long before the others so we killed time by firstly browsing though the small shops then locating the venue, the Wiradjuri Centre. This is an aboriginal conference facility housing a variety of artefacts and souvenirs. It also has immaculately designed and shaped furniture items made from red river gum salvaged from river banks and estuaries and finished in a gleaming smooth clear lacquer. The aboriginal sculptor “could not be bothered” passing on his skills to others as “it takes too long”. An assortment of food and drinks was provided to those who had previously chosen to have lunch there. For the record Condobolin is situated seven kms from the state’s centre-most point.

That evening was dinner at the Forbes Inn Hotel/Motel.- a magnificent old building maintained to the utmost condition. We lounged around on our own in the seemingly over-sized and over-staffed room allocated to the group. Within thirty minutes the place went berserk with standing room only remaining. The food was great, the service unbeatable with the waitresses and bar tenders coping very well with the influx of guests.

Wednesday was a static car display and car judging at the McFeeters Car Museum. This is a family owned and maintained business. All cars were grouped in order for individual photos and display starting with the Veterans. The museum houses a large selection of cars and motorbikes of all ages ranging from a 1914 Minerva to the current model Falcon. One which turned my head was a Veteran T Model “Kampa Kar” campervan complete with annexe and a fold out table on one side and an outward sliding and folding platform on the other which housed sleeping quarters. On the outside verandah was an Irish version of a half-restored 1934 Singer Sedan. The driver’s side was in perfect restored condition while the other was untouched. As normal the museum had heaps of souvenirs and kids toys for sale. Lunch and nibbles were also served for those who chose beforehand. Russell and I were engrossed in locating the source of the Dodge’s persistent back-firing and fuel starvation. Typically all one has to do is raise the bonnet and a swarm of advisors and helpers engulf to offer assistance. A bloke from Qld knew exactly where to look and within minutes the car was firing on all fours sounding noticeably better. The problem was the vacuum tank breather pipe collar had collapsed allowing raw fuel to feed into the vacuum line. This explained the plumes of black smoke and spluttering at random intervals. On the way to the unit following the completion of the day’s festivities the car ran faultlessly until I decided to test it further by doing more laps. The car came to a stop. The vacuum tank was totally dry – no suction. From then on I persevered by manually filling it giving enough travel to get to and from the Town Hall.

Thursday was out to Canowindra 66 kms away, a country town I have not been to since 1997. With time to spare we visited the community-owned farm machinery museum. If your passion is antique kitchen ware, dress wear, beds, cooking utensils, blacksmithing and generally old stuff, this is the place to visit. We also visited the Holden Museum. A first glance does not do it justice, however, the collection of cars in the huge defunct workshop-come-display area is unbelievable and the veteran fragile owner, Charlie, was an interesting person to talk to. Among his collection is a black 48/215 Holden (better known as the FX) build number 46. Apart from a re-spray the car is as it came from the GMH factory in November 1948. According to him this was the last car that Peter Brock drove (in a parade lap) at Bathurst in 2004 prior to Sunday’s race. Brock did not race that year due to his co-driver’s accident early in the race. Nothing is for sale but Charlie would consider selling the FX for offers above $1.2 million. He has an array of Holdens including two HD Sedans – one a Premier the other a Special and both are in untouched, immaculate almost showroom floor condition as is a HK Kingswood Sedan. In all three you could eat your dinner from any part of the car. They are that neat and clean. He also has a HK GTS Monaro which could be improved on with some elbow grease and a screwdriver.

Friday morning was a photo shoot from a cherry picker in the Town Hall car park (compliments of Mr Penny) followed by a leisurely drive to Parkes 33 kms from Forbes. The photo shoot was more complicated than expected. Cars arriving randomly had to be placed in chronological order in front, among and behind the cars already parked there. Furthermore the cherry picker photographer had to make sure that every car was captured in colour rather than showing a blank shot of black rag tops. This is demonstrated by the varying gaps between cars. Having done that I refuelled the vacuum tank for the short trip back to the van park. Putting the tank problem aside the Dodge now runs continually at it’s best.

In a normal modern every day car the drive to Parkes is an eye blink away. However, waiting in line at the road works lollipop man seemed longer than the trip itself copping him in both directions. The venue was the Parkes Car and Farm Machinery Museum and the Elvis (Presley) Display. Cars displayed were mostly 1940’s and 1950’s American brands with the odd outcast model thrown in. The highlight (for me) was the farm machinery. Name it and there it was. The line-up was humongous and included steam rollers, steam engines, ploughs, harvesters and a 1926 Caterpillar bulldozer no bigger in shape and size than a bale of hay weighing three tons. A modern day Caterpillar bulldozer weighs 30 tonnes.

Not having seen the innards of the Forbes shopping centre we strolled in. Nothing like Canberra of course but still quite enjoyable. The bushranger Ben Hall’s grave was the next place to visit at the Forbes cemetery. His headstone inscription reads “Ben Hall shot in 1865 aged 27”. No beating about the bush here – just straight to the point. Metres away from Hall’s grave lies Ned Kelly’s sister Kate Foster. Sad to see that most graves are severely neglected, particularly the older ones.

Friday night was the dinner and trophy presentation at the local RSL where the club’s AGM was held earlier in the week. Walking into the room was an unexpected delight with overhead flashing lights and meticulously adorned dining tables finished with the club’s logo emblem etched on a piece of lit glass and mounted on a wooden frame. Speculation had that it each one would be auctioned during the night. This was not to be. We shared the table with the Dennings and five others including a 79 year old (to the day) who was staying three units down from us. He also owned a 1924 Tourer minus the side curtains (what’s a bit of rain). His attitude was that “performance” not ‘beauty” comes first. If an Ingenuity Trophy was on line he would most surely be the winner. He had hoses diverting hot water heat to the carburettor and copper piping hugging the rest of it, a ten litre fuel container mounted on the running board with an external gauge to monitor fuel economy and huge wind deflectors made at the expense of the spring-loaded windscreen post plates. In the back seat area he had a large toolbox full of bric-a-brac. Hose clamps covered in muffler putty substituted exhaust manifold seals. The late bush adventurer Malcolm Douglas would have been proud of his resourcefulness.

Trophies in nine categories were to be presented ranging from Factory Original to Restored, Veteran to Vintage, Passenger to Commercial and Car of the Show. The ones which took my particular interest were a 1924 Ute, a 1924 Tourer and a 1916 Roadster all three in a good, unrestored (totally original) condition. The Tourer was the Authentic winner. My choice would have been the Ute but only by the smallest margin. An interesting talk was given by a club member who in July transversed China in his 1916 Dodge Tourer accompanied by a friend in a Whippet. The locals were thrilled by the wheels as they had never seen wooden spokes before.

The culmination of the night was sharing the birthday cake and buying wine glasses with the Dodge logo etched on the side. Each table had a lucky chair and if you were the occupant you had the first refusal in buying the table centrepiece. That rotten ratbag Russell had the lucky seat and capitalised on it for $75. Good on you Russell.

Saturday Morning I headed to the farewell breakfast at the Big 4 Caravan Park. Vanda left for the drive home. However I was thong less and not wishing to mimic a misplaced hobo I continued on my journey home bound.

The next Dodge rally is being held in October 2016 in Warwick, Qld. Something to think about. Who knows what lies around the corner – maybe, perhaps, see what happens..


Catanzariti 1924 Dodge Tourer

Visit to Hall School Museum – September 14th 2014

Our monthly club outing for September was to the old Hall School Museum. The museum gives visitors the opportunity to experience a village school as it was in the early to mid 20th century.

25 members and friends were greeted by some very enthusiastic Friends of the Museum and led down to park our cars in the old school quadrangle for display. We were then taken down to the old Cottage where we were served morning tea by several volunteers. The morning tea which was thoroughly enjoyed by all, consisted of scones, butter, jam and cream along with tea and freshly brewed coffee. Table service was excellent!

We then split into groups and were taken by guides to the various buildings which housed memoirs of our pioneer families, the old picture theatre which still shows movies, the School House and the Men’s Shed where there was an exhibition of tools. The bush school was set up as it would have been used with the wooden desks containing ink wells and slates for writing.

There was also memorabilia of schoolwork completed and a punishment book listing some of the mischief the children got up to and the penalties they were given.

Roger Amos who was with us for the Museum visit, had taught at the Hall school for three years so it was a bit of nostalgia for Roger.

The museum is extremely well restored and maintained by the enthusiastic volunteers and is well worth a visit for those who missed out.

Thank you to Chris Berry for visiting the Museum prior to our visit to organise the outing, we were made very welcome and all who attended thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Chris also assisted Ron Scattergood when he had a little problem with his car.

Thanks Jan.

Curator Phil Robson with old boy Kingsley Southwell.

Cars at the assembly area.

Enjoying morning tea.

President’s Run 24th August 2014

After another enjoyable evening at the Presentation Dinner the night before, 26 members gathered in one of the Curtin shops’ carparks to participate in the President’s run.

This year the members were asked to look for various signs along the way out to Casuarina Sands and answer questions about the information on the signs. We enjoyed a break there for a chat and to use the facilities if necessary and enjoyed the nice sunshine.

We left Casuarina Sands and made our way back towards the new suburbs of Molonglo via Mt Stromlo. We then proceeded towards Belconnen via Coppins Crossing and ended up at Transtate Tyres (formerly known as Jax Quickfit Tyres) where we enjoyed a pleasant Bar-b-que lunch.

The prize for the most correct answers to the observation questions went to Ken and Jeanette Walker and the prize for the most innovative answers went to Chris and Irene Berry.

Many thanks to Vin Liston for taking the Bar-b-que trailer to Transtate Tyres earlier in the morning before taking up duty at one of the Cancer Council’s stands for the day then picking it up later. Also thanks to Daniel and Petra for doing the buying and cooking on the day. This took a lot of pressure off me having to do these things.

Many thanks to all who took part in the run and I hope you enjoyed taking your cars for a pleasant drive and again using the opportunity to promote our club.

Petra Wyatt and Gerry Walker having a chat.

Dave and Jenny Rogers and Ken and Jeanette Walker

Geoff Hall and his girls.



This biannual event opened with a static car display at the Ulladulla wharf and pier carpark which is one of Shoalhaven’s named “iconic” sites.

The oldest car on view was a beautifully restored 1911 Flanders which was very attractive amongst the hundred eclectic mix of other cars. Morning tea was served by Marine Rescue, NSW, very worthy as their premises was destroyed by fire last summer.

The morning drive was well planned, visiting coastline vistas north and south of Ulladulla, to places one might not usually see eg Bommies Beach near the Lighthouse. It was low tide so the intrepid board riders were elsewhere. To absorb the magnificence of this part of the coast one should detour off the Princes Highway.

The route then wound in and out of Ulladulla and Mollymook to Narrawallee, showcasing the beaches and lakes. In contrast the rural historic area of Milton with its old buildings, bush pastures and huge old trees (Moreton Bay Fig and Illawarra Flames) was traversed. It was established in 1860.

Progress was then made along the country roads to the Pigeon House Mountain Tearooms, set on the ridge overlooking the valley to Pigeon House, which was named by Captain James Cook 22 April 1770. It is a very distinctive geological landform which Ken climbed some five years ago. Cars were on display again whilst lunch was served. The food was superb and ample time was allocated to explore around awhile.

CACMC cars

The return journey wound back up north to Lake Conjola which is another popular holiday destination. The route’s itinerary included observation questions, the most challenging of which was about the number of “roundabouts” travelled. It was a very roundabout run so shortcutters and non-directions followers were misled.

The Gala Dinner was great fun, an excellent meal was served and participants joined in the “Green and Gold” theme coinciding with the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Sunday’s run toured to King’s Point which is quite hilly but adjoins Burrill Lake’s backwaters. A visit to “Storeys” in the industrial precinct was a huge highlight. The superb, meticulous restorations of cars, trucks and buses in progress was impressive. There were five Graham Paiges, all the projects of the local car club members Paul Ashley and Neville Storey.

Graham Paige cars

Lunch at Lake Tabourie completed the activities. The members excelled themselves and their efforts were much appreciated by all participants.

Our Canberra Antique & Classic Motor Club enthusiastic ralliers were Irene & Chris Berry, Jan & David Wyatt and Jeanette & Ken Walker. All their cars performed to perfection.

Jeanette Walker.

July Run to Bushranger Hotel Collector

Around 40 members and guests enrolled for the run to the Bushranger Hotel at Collector on Sunday 13 July 2014.

Assembly was at the car park at Eagle Hawk at 10.30am for an 11.00am start. It was good to see a variety of historic vehicles and only a couple of moderns.

The 40 minute run along the Federal Highway was a delightful drive with the blue sky and sun shining and minimal traffic to contend with.

The Bushranger Hotel was built in 1860 and is the last remaining hotel of five originally built in the village it is also the second oldest licenced hotel in New South Wales.

Bushranger Ben Hall and his gang John Dunn and John Gilbert stayed at the hotel and made such a din that it attracted the attention of Constable Samuel Nelson to attend but John Dunn shot him dead on 26 June 1865. A memorial to Constable Nelson has been erected right next to the hotel.

Members arrived at the hotel and took over the three dining rooms and the beer garden and ordered off the menu the popular orders being hamburgers, chicken schnitzel, and fish and chips.

Tony Fry’s Dodge overheated a front brake but made it safely to the hotel.

After lunch it was time to walk outside for a chat while enjoying the sunshine, before heading back to Canberra.

Thanks to the events committee for organising the lunch.

Thanks Graham G

Irene and Chris Berry trying to get their mouths around the hamburgers.

Vin Liston’s HR Holden in pride of place outside the Bushranger Hotel, Collector.

Dave Byers’ 1972 Vanden Plas and more old cars as far as the eye can see in the distance on a beautiful winter’s day.

Jan and David Wyatt’s latest vehicle acquisition, a Volkswagen Beetle with the memorial behind to Constable Samuel Nelson who was shot by the Bushranger John Dunn in 1865.


A maritime rescue, a wonderful journey up the Clyde River were two highlights of the Sail Away club weekend to Batemans Bay. Organised by club member Chris Berry, the weekend held over on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 June 2014 attracted 20 club members and partners, many staying at the Coach House Marina Resort. We arrived in dribs–and-drabs on Saturday for a free afternoon for some retail therapy or a visit to Mogo.

The Catalina Sports Club bistro and the Boat Shed fish and chip restaurants attracted members for dinner on Saturday night. On Sunday morning under a cloudless, sunny sky at Batemans Bay, we all assembled at the wharf waiting to board The Escapade cruiser for the trip up the Clyde River.

Embarkation took place at 11.30am with a quick circuit around Batemans Bay, while lunch was being cooked at the Boatshed restaurant, a short stop back at the wharf to take on board lunch which was served immediately as the Escapade headed towards the Batemans Bay Bridge which has to be lifted to let the boat cruise underneath. Lunch was two pieces of Blue Grenadier fish, chips and salad, absolutely delicious.

On the way up the Clyde River, an expert commentary was given including the history of the river, an almost sighting of a Yowie Man story, of marauding bushrangers, and exclusive mansion owners on the river’s islands. Nine nautical miles up the river, the boat tied up at the wharf at Nelligen and we all disembarked for a walk around the village and buy ice creams from the general store, the owner of which is looking to obtain a Ford Customline (free).

A folk festival was in full swing in the Memorial Hall as locals and visitors wandered around the waterfront taking in the atmosphere, sitting on the rock wall, fishing, or just enjoying sitting on the lawn in the sunshine. A big tree stump known as the ‘Bushranger Tree’ was the location where bushrangers the Clarke Brothers, were chained to, after their capture, before boarding a steamer to Sydney for trial and eventual hanging for robbing gold escorts around the area.

On the trip back to Batemans Bay, Heather Gittins and the Carswell’s each won a lucky door prize organised by Chris Berry. The return journey was uneventful, until we nearly tied up back the wharf, when suddenly the Escapade did a ninety degree turn to help in the rescue of a couple of men whose tinnie had overturned and sunk, a couple of smaller boats were all so on the scene and one of the men was towed ashore by a man on a surf ski. The Maritime Rescue launch was soon on the scene and took over the management of the rescue.

This ended an excellent day on the river and it was all too soon for most of us to head back to Canberra. Thank you Chris Berry for organising such a great and relaxing sail away weekend.

Club members who attended:

Chris and Irene Berry, Keith and Lilly Carswell, Clive and Merilyn Castles, Graham and Heather Gittins, Joe and Liz Micallef, George and Aileen Sturgess, Michael and Anne Toole, Gerry and Kay Walker, Ken and Jeanette Walker, David and Jan Wyatt

Thanks to Graham Gittins



Articles in “The Colonial” by Ken in July 2008 and Alec McKernan in July 2011 have informed the membership about what the Historic Winton Racing event, held at the Winton Motor Raceway, near Benalla, in Victoria, is all about. It is held on the last weekend of May each year.

This year’s event was of the high standard to which we have become accustomed but was larger and more comprehensive, involving veteran, vintage, sports and classics, hotrods and customs, street machines, commercials and motorbikes.

On the Friday evening we had the annual reunion in Wangaratta at the historic Pinsent Hotel for dinner, attended by CACMC members, Scott Appleyard from Adelaide, Carol and Bob Douglas now residing in Wangaratta, Roger Amos, Phil Donoghoe, Geoff Tyrrell and his brother, Alan (Melbourne) and ourselves Jeanette and Ken Walker. Ken selected to drive the Austin A40 Sports to the event from Canberra this year. It was the 18th time we had attended and the journey down the Hume was smooth, incident-free and enjoyable. The countryside is so green.

During Saturday much time was spent by the car enthusiasts in “The Pits” meeting up with Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide Austineers, some of whom have handed the racing over to their sons.

A Classic Car Show on the Oval was very impressive and a courtesy bus provided quick access outside the track.

On Sunday morning at exactly 9 am the adrenalin producing, exhilarating, robustly booming roar of engines at the drop of the national flag announced racing was underway. Traditionally first it was the Vintage Regularity event for which 15 minutes are allocated.

The sidecar bike racing is always scarily spectacular as the passenger lies prone over the road, hardly another head width from the asphalt. Unfortunately a couple of spills eventuated this year not far from the start.

On arrival at Winton on Saturday and Sunday mornings (having overnighted at Wangaratta), Ken appreciated being given the opportunity to display the A40 Sports on the hill, allocated for “rare and special interest” cars and to participate in the Sunday Midday Parade of interesting display cars, covering two laps of the racetrack. Geoff Tyrrell shared this experience with Ken as I wanted to get photos of this event.

Two of our other club members drove in the Parade. Geoff Hall drove his beautifully restored 1938 Austin 7 Tourer with his family companions and Harry Crawford had his Whitney 1928 Austin 7 on the track. He had driven his car there from Canberra.

Winton 2014 Parade Lap
Watch Geoff Hall’s video montage of the Parade Lap at Winton 014, featuring Harry Crawford’s red and yellow Austin 7 and Geoff’s 1938 Green and Black Austin 7 Roadster.

The public address commentator covering the parade referred to the A40 Sports having been driven from Canberra. Geoff and Harry’s cars were on display in the Melbourne Austin 7 Club’s area, as members.

Overall a great weekend was enjoyed by all, young and much older.

Jeanette and Ken Walker.

Harden Truck and Tractor Show 23 March 2014

It is an hour and a half drive by car from Canberra to the twin towns of Harden Murrumburrah, where the inaugural Harden Truck and Tractor display was held on Sunday 23 March 2014.

Lined up on the showground oval were trucks of all sizes, colours and ages. The age ranged from a 1920s Model T Truck to big recent Kenworths and MACKS.

A number of restored Bedford light trucks and International were also on display including a very nice former NRMA 1960 International tow truck.

A collection of historic cars was also on display and included Albert Neuss’ 1942 Chrysler.

Grey Ferguson tractors were in abundance and a smattering of Fordsons, Allis Chambers and John Deere machines.

One particular item was a late 1800 early 1900 crude oil tractor which delighted the crowd.

On the outer perimeter of the show ring were a number of traders selling a variety of tools, bric-a-brac, hats, linen and craft goods while inside the showground shed was a display of model trucks and farm machinery, a range of photographs of the area and a selection of history books about the twin towns.

Ample parking, plenty of food outlets and coffee stalls and shelter tents together with easy walking made for a very pleasant morning trip.

Clubs members spotted included Alan Martin, Charlie Adams, Vin Liston, Merv Robertson, Joe Micallef and Graham Gittins.

Two people of note were born in Harden-Murrumburrah—Ken Thomas who founded TNT transport company and our own Vin Liston.

Thanks to Graham Gittins

Sounds like they did good for their inaugural day.

1920s Model T Truck

Albert Neuss and his 1942 Chrysler Sedan

Yarralumla Nursery celebrates centenary with help of CACMC 6 April 2014

The ACT Heritage Council and ACT National Trust celebrated the centenary anniversary of the Yarralumla Nursery on Sunday April 6 with a fun day at the English Garden adjacent to the retail nursery shops in Weston Park.

There were twelve vehicles mustered for the day including three from STHARC, the majority being from Canberra Antique and Classic Motor Club. Several mentions of the vehicles were made by the 2CC outside broadcast van and Ken Walker’s Austin 7 appeared on a WIN News item aired on the Monday night after the event.

The nursery plays a vital part in the developing Canberra’s character and identity as a garden city.

All house owners occupying new residents are able to draw a free issue of trees and shrubs to get their gardens going. The free issues started in 1930, this was the first contact that people had with the nursery. By the free issues scheme, the nursery has some control of what trees and shrubs are planted in the city.

Vehicle owners enjoyed a tour through the wholesale nursery section, view displays and participate activities staged by the ACT Heritage Council and the ACT National Trust.

Club members who attended the display were:

Chris and Irene Berry Hillman Husky

David and Jan Wyatt Ford Fairlane

Roger Amos Vauxhall DX

Ken Walker Austin 7

Daniel and Petra Wyatt Chevrolet

Alec McKernan Volvo

Brian McKay A Model Ford

This event was staged in a beautiful area near the Heritage Nursery.

Displays were arranged in a circular grassed area and each one created plenty of interest from the visitors.

Tours were conducted on a free bus that carried visitors through the old Nursery. Passengers were allowed off the bus and a tour of the Potting Sheds and Seed Bank were explained by members of staff. Club cars created plenty of interest for the passing parade of visitors.

Thanks Roger

April 2014 run to Alan Martin’s at Yass
Watch the video report of this enjoyable club excursion.

Bendigo club visit great success

The club hosted 36 members of the Veteran and Vintage Car Club Bendigo at a BBQ lunch on Friday 21 March.

The Bendigo club members were on an extended trip to the National Capital arriving on Monday 17 March and departing on Wednesday 26 March; during their time here they visited all the usual Canberra institutions and enjoyed the cities early autumn weather. One of the many highlights was a twilight dinner cruise on Lake Burley Griffin. The BBQ came as a pleasant, relaxing mid-morning and lunch break for the visitors.

Seven club members acted as pilot escort vehicles from the Bendigo base at Eagle Hawk to the Cotter Reserve, all except for Graham and Heather Gittins’s group who managed to get lost while making their way through the new suburbs under construction along the Cotter Road.

The visitors were welcomed at the Cotter with a cup of tea or coffee and a variety of cakes, slices and other sweet goodies, thanks to the setting up of the BBQ trailer by Vin Liston. Ann McKernan’s ANZAC biscuits were judge by one of the lady visitors as the best she had ever tasted.

Cooks, Jim Crane, David Wyatt and Graham Gittins soon had the fat-free sausages, onions and bacon sizzling on the club trailer BBQ plate while Anne Gallagher and Irene Berry set out salads and buttered loaves of bread all under the watchful eye of event director Jan Wyatt.

Quite a number of the visitors took the opportunity to walk to the dam wall viewing platform escorted by Gerry Walker.

The call for lunch was answered by the visitors lining up to receive their hot lunch and helping themselves to salads, followed by fruit cake and other delicious delicacies made by Canberra Antique and Classic members.

Leader of the Bendigo push, Pat Clarkson, presented a plaque to their CACMC contact Vin Liston and said that their group had had a great day enjoying the hospitality, and camaraderie of the club and thanked Jan Wyatt for all the hard work that she and her team had obviously gone to in to making the day a great success.

After lunch, a photo call was made and the visitors lined up to have some images taken as a memento of their visit. Soon it was time for the visitors to depart for a visit to Mount Stromlo and the National Portrait Gallery which Chris Berry offered to lead them to.

For most of our club members it was time to relax under the tall Cotter trees and chat until it was time to head home.

Thanks to Graham Gittins

The Bendigo crew

One of their cars – a Packard Clipper.

Pat Clarkson saying thank you to Vin who made the arrangements with the Bendigo Club. Jan Wyatt was also thanked for her part in organising the food and getting our members to participate.

Thanks to Graham Gittins for this photo of the Bendigo Car Club and CACMC members at the Cotter on 21 March 2014.

Seniors Expo – 20 March 2014

A motley collection of old crocks, and their cars, assembled outside the Budawang Pavilion as part of the Seniors Expo at EPIC. In all there were 12 members’ cars including The Canberra Pie Cart. There was also a non-vintage fire engine from the Gungahlin Fire Station.

Inside the Pavilion, club members were able to visit stalls on everything from retirement villages to package holidays in China. There were also two food outlets for lunches and drinks.

The day was a typical Canberra Autumn day with enough sun to make members seek some shade under nearby trees. It was a great time to catch up, and generally relax.

Thanks to those who displayed their cars.

John de la Torre Mercedes, Vin Liston HR Holden, Brian McKay Ford Model A, Ken Walker Austin Pramhood, Dave Wyatt Ford Fairlane, Roger Amos Vauxhall, Dave Byers Vanden Plas, Paul Flint Datsun Bluebird, Charlie Adams Studebaker, Gerry Walker MGB, Alan Martin Rover and thanks to whoever brought the Canberra Pie Cart.

Thanks Dave Byers


After a day of beautiful rain on Saturday, about 21 members (2 of these had come to wish us well) met in the Spotlight carpark on Sunday morning undeterred by the threatening skies to undertake our trip to Araluen. Other members joined in along the way or went directly to Araluen making a total of 31 members undertaking the drive. At about 9.15am the first downpour came but all decided it was not going to spoil the day. We departed at 9.30am and the rain stopped on the way to Bungendore.

Between Bungendore and Braidwood we came across John and Pam Senior with friend Cathy stopped on the side of the road. Several members stopped to offer help however the Humber seemed to be ok again so we proceeded to Braidwood to stop for morning tea. On just entering Braidwood the heavens opened again and the rain bucketed down so much so that the street gutters were awash. Once we found parking spots it was a challenge to get out of the car without stepping into gushing water.

The rain eased again after about 20 minutes and as members finished morning tea and visited other shops, they departed for Araluen where we had lunch at the Araluen Valley Hotel. It was great to see so many members attend, several of whom had driven their modern car for various reasons and the hotel owners handled our group quite well.

It was a very relaxing atmosphere and most members sat and chatted until we decided we should leave for home at around 2.15pm. We were a bit late deciding that as another downpour arrived which delayed us a bit until it eased off. It was a bit like a tropical storm in the valley but the locals were very pleased to see it as they received no rain on Saturday despite it raining most of the day at Braidwood. Some members had intended to visit the Old Cheese and Cider Factory on the way home but were maybe put off due to the weather.

On our way home, just out of Braidwood we came across John Senior parked on the side of the road waiting for the NRMA to attend. As John, Pam and Cathy had left Araluen before most of the group several members had stopped to offer assistance.

However John and Pam would like to thank Michael and Anne Toole very much for their generosity in taking Pam and Cathy home while John waited with the car. This is another example of the comradeship displayed by our club members. Once the patrolman arrived, he fixed the small problem of a wire becoming disconnected from the battery to the engine in a short time and John had no further trouble.

Thanks to all who attended, all seemed to enjoy the outing and drive and the ‘rain events’ seemed to add to the quality of the day, no-one would deny that the rain was most welcome. Thanks Jan.

1972 MGB

Members enjoying a good chat before lunch

Roger and Barbara Phillips’ 1959 Cadillac ; Murray Mules’ 1953 Mercedes and John and Pamela Senior’s 1956 Humber.

Chris Berry’s Hillman Husky which Chris drove right up under the awning to pick up Irene.

CARnivale 2014

Take 1100 mainly historic and classic cars, commercial and motor bikes, Park them along two of Sydney’s main streets and wait to see up to half a million people flock to inspect the vehicles.

This happens every Australia Day (26 January) formerly called Motorfest, now Supercar d’Elegance CARnivale the crowd in 2014 exceeded all of the organiser’s expectations.

The event is a celebration of Australian motoring history and lays claim to being one of the southern hemisphere’s largest outdoor displays of vehicles. From just after dawn until the 5.00 pm closing time, people just kept coming, men women, children, babes in arms, disabled people in wheel chairs and on crutches. Many come year after year to this great spectacle.

Now in its 27th year the event keeps getting bigger each year with new features such as the ‘Best of the Best’ concours, being added to an already packed program of events on the day. Vince Serenti and Glen Shorrock from Little River Band entertained the crowd during the grand parade of concours cars.

From humble Morris J vans to a luxury 1934 Mercedes Benz 500K special roadster there is a vehicle for every taste to admire and add to their wish list.

CARnivale is a chance for motoring enthusiasts, owners, collectors and car clubs to be involved by displaying their vehicles or by just coming along to enjoy the day and celebrate the heritage of Australia’s automobile industry.

The event has cemented its place as an iconic motoring event. Spotted during the day were:

Graham Bigg

Barbara and Roger Phillips

Dean Benedetti

Joe Micallef

Vin Liston

Clive Castles

Phil Donoghoe

Roger Amos

Charlie Adams

Brian McKay

Graham Gittins

Thanks to Graham

December Bar-B-Que by the Lake 2013

70 members, a few visitors plus 3 ‘furry friends’ attended the Bar-B-Que by the lake on 12 December 2013, which replaced the usual general monthly meeting. Members enjoyed the sausages, onions etc expertly cooked by the chefs plus whatever they had brought along themselves. It was quite windy but we managed to find a spot which gave us a little shelter (beside the toilets of all places!) and so it wasn’t too bad and people seemed to enjoy the evening. It was particularly pleasing to see Gerry Walker able to attend after having a heart problem and some surgery not long before the event.

It was pleasing too to have the raffle prize, a hamper of Christmas goodies won by Charlie Adams, one of our long time members.

Many thanks to the chefs, particularly those not on the Events Committee who helped, Events Committee members and to Vin for again bringing the club trailer. We have a great spirit amongst our members.

Thanks, Jan.


This is the Falcon Futura which Michael mentioned in his story on Cooma Motorfest. It belongs to new member Brett Minion.


A 1910 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost that took its owner 32 years to restore, won the ‘car I would most like to take home’ trophy and the Jaguar Drivers Club won the best club display trophy at the 2013 Terribly British Day display on 1 December.

Guest of honour, the British High Commissioner to Australia, His Excellency Paul Madden and his wife Sarah, inspected all displays and presented the trophy to the Rolls Royce owner, Ian Irwin, and best club display to the president of the Jaguar Drivers club, Larry Roux.

More than 350 British made vehicles mustered on the Patrick White Lawns between the National Library and Lake Burley Griffin for the annual display. Theme for the 2013 event was advances in technology of British vehicles and Canberra Antique and Classic Motor Club member Barbara Phillips traced some of the technology advances introduced in her 1963 Ford Anglia and presented them over the Public Address system to the large number of participants and spectators.

Triumph Car club members displayed a petrol injection engine to show the technology advances in Triumph vehicles.

The Jaguar Club made a ‘song and dance’ at its display when, a serenade, complete with guitar accompaniment was made to a 63 year old XK120 Jaguar with the Beatles song Will you still love me when I’m 64.

MG Car Club Canberra contrasted, what is believed to be the oldest registered MG in the world, a 1925 14/28 owned by Julie Craig of Sydney against later model MGs.

Terribly British Day organising chair Paul Sutton said, ‘the 2013 event had by far the largest number of vehicles on display’.

‘Vehicles travelled from Sydney, and from around the Canberra region to take part,’ he said.

‘Canberra club numbers were also up, with some exhibiting for the first time – the Sunbeam Alpine members had five cars on display, the Armstrong Siddley Club fifteen cars available for viewing.’ Mr Sutton said.

‘Altogether it was great day – great weather, great location and great vehicles,’ he added.

Graham Gittins


In the world of American car collecting too much car can never be enough. This statement was borne out at the American Car Nationals, where the cars displayed are vehicles of beauty, power and prestige.

The annual show of fins and chrome vehicles muster for a show ‘n’ shine at the Queanbeyan Showground in November.

Complete with Elvis Presley music over the public address system, the display of around 200 Cadillacs, Mustangs, Buicks, Classic Chevrolets, Pontiacs , Fords and un-named street machines attracted large crowds during the two day event.

Among the entries were Roger and Barbara Phillips’ 1959 Cadillac. The Phillips had just returned from a holiday in America in which they travelled Route 66.

Albert Neuss from Queanbeyan was there with his 1936 Plymouth Deluxe Royale and Alan Martin from Canberra with his 1929 Studebaker.

One of the oldest vehicles on display was the Scattergood family’s 1926 International truck.

A small number of traders offering their goods and services to the owners and onlookers, completed the display area.

American flags adorned the area.

A major insurer of American cars said the most popular insured vehicle on their books was the Ford Mustang.

Graham Gittins

President’s Run – August 2013
See the video record of this run.


Pair of Austin A30/35s outside Maldon Railway Station
A near record of 225 Austins mustered at Bendigo, Central Victoria for bi annual Austin’s over Australia Rally during the Easter long weekend.

Canberra Antique and Classic Motor Club was well represented with six couples making the trip to the goldfield’s city.

Five of the couples decided to make a holiday of the rally and departed on the Sunday (24 March ) to have a look around the city’s attractions, including the Talking Tram, Golden Dragon Museum and trips to Castlemaine and Heathcote.

A highlight of the three days pre-rally tour was a special birthday luncheon hosted by Jim Clough at the Shamrock Hotel to celebrate his 80th birthday – the same venue used for the celebration of his 70th birthday on a previous club rally. Before lunch got under way Ray Gallagher, on behalf of us all, presented Jim with an OBE , ‘Over Blooming Eighty ‘, certificate and medallion.

Easter time in Bendigo is a busy time with the annual Dragon Festival, featuring Sun Loong, a 100 metre long dragon which is woken up from his yearlong sleep by the large Bendigo Chinese community banging drums, clanging cymbals and setting off fire crackers on the Saturday. The bigger parade is conducted on Easter Sunday with around 150 community floats taking part. The athleticism of the 57 men who carry the papermache and cloth dragon, Sun Loong, must be admired. As well the athletes who perform the Lion Dance amazes. They dance and jump onto each other’s shoulders as the procession winds its way along the main street of the city.

The Austin rally proper commenced on Good Friday with a drive to Castlemaine to board a steam train to the old gold mining town of Maldon. Easter Saturday was a drive to Epsom to visit the Bendigo Pottery and Easter Sunday was the vehicle display day held at the Bendigo race course. Sunday was the gala dinner, during which Ken Walker was presented with an original sketch of a 1953 Austin A40 Sports sedan.

As usual it was all too soon to depart for home and start saving for the 2015 Austins over Australia rally in Tasmania.

The trip was not incident free: Ray and Anne Gallagher travelled modern because of a recurring over heating problem which had not been solved by departure date for the rally.

Joe and Maureen Vavra’s Austin Sheerline also suffered an overheating problem on the way and they sent the car back to Canberra. Ken and Jeanette Walker’s A40 Sports had an accelerator link problem.

Graham and Heather Gittins 1300 GT had a sticking accelerator, but the hard luck award goes to Jim and Rhonda Clough with a collapsed battery on the Austin 7, a star picket through one of the Subaru’s tyres and coming home the Austin 7 separated from its trailer and rolled down the Hume Highway, backwards. With the help of other motorists the vehicle was again married to the trailer. The extent of the damage to the Austin 7 is not known at this stage.

Total distance travelled in ten days was around 1800 kilometres.

Graham Gittins


Julie Prodger, Tim Wonnacott and Terry Podger with the 1919 Morris Continental in background

British BBC television Bargain Hunt host/ presenter Tim Wonnacott received an email message from Julie Prodger in Australia asking him to bid for a 1919 Morris Continental for her and husband Terry on the day he was filming William Morris’s (Lord Nuffield’s) house in Oxford.

The Lismore northern New South Wales couple are early Morris car collectors and have a 1915, 1924 Morris Cloverleaf, 1925 Chummy and two 1925 roadsters.

Terry earlier missed out on the purchase of a 1919 Morris when an auction house could not get through on the telephone to record his bid.

When the 1919 Continental was spotted for auction in Herefordshire, Julie emailed Tim and asked him to bid on her behalf. He agreed and his bid was successful.

Not only did Tim purchase the car for Julie, he also delivered it them at their home in Lismore, with a camera crew to record the event.

Three of the Prodger’s early Morrises made the trip, with Tim and camera crew in tow, to Canberra to attend the Morris 100 anniversary rally in April and at the same time help celebrate the Australian National Capital’s centenary.

The Morris 100 rally attracted 175 entries, 23 of which were Morris (Bullnose) Oxfords.

Morris Cowley ute with a dummy sea mine

A representative of just about every model to come out of the Cowley and Oxford factories and the BMC factory in Zetland, Sydney, was represented at the rally including: Morris Minors, Morris Marinas, Oxfords and Minis. There was representation of Wolseley, and MGs on display and Morris 8 convertibles, which Tim says are pretty rare in the UK.

Terry Prodger a fitter and machinist by trade apprenticed himself to his son as a panel beater and now own a smash repair business in Lismore.

It is obvious Julie Prodger enjoys her husband’s passion for early Morrises ‘They just get into your system somehow, they are sweet and have character charm of their own, they are sweet and beautiful,’ she said. Terry estimates it will take two years to restore the 1919 Morris Continental.

Spotted at the Morris 100 display day in the Treasury Car Park were: Vin and John Liston, Wayne and Sandra Smith, Graham and Heather Gittins, Alec and Anne McKernan, Paul and Vicki Bray, Joe Micallef and Malcolm Noad.

Jeep with Ford power, Ford V8 powered gun carriage and 1942 Army truck owned by the Hedges family.

2nd visit to Drummoyne Farm – April 2013

Harry Crawford Productions present three films from this event

For the second year running Alan Martin invited CACMC members to visit his Yass property Drummoyne for a picnic day.

This year also invited were the Yass, Goulburn, Queanbeyan and Young car clubs to the 750 acre 302 hectare fat lamb, Angus black cattle and fine Merino wool property.

‘We are still in drought’, he said half apologizing for the state of the grass land. But to the uneducated in rural matters the property looked pristine.

New signage to Drummoyne made life very easy to locate the entrance, except for the Goulburn club whose members managed to get lost.

One thing car club member are not short on is selecting a spot to place their chairs and picnic tables. Under shade trees was the preferred location and people soon settled down to enjoy their picnic lunch or cook their sausages and steaks on the club trailer, towed to the property by Club President David and Event Director Jan Wyatt.

Harry Crawford took station just through the main gate to photograph each vehicle as it entered the property, with the view of making a video of the event.

Alan, as is his usual manner wandered around the various groups making sure they were happy. Who couldn’t be happy with fine autumn sunshine, good company and good food, under the shade of surrounding trees.

It was then time to stroll around the variety of more than 70 vehicles ( 32 from Canberra Antique and Classic) ranging from the 1920s, right through the decades, and included a McLaren from Queensland, military vehicles with a World War 11 Bren Carrier a Model T Ford truck (1922) a 1942 Ford Ute and making a rare appearance a Bolwell.

One highlight was the baking and serving of scones and ANZAC biscuits in an ex-army field kitchen –they were sooo good.

Thanks again Alan for making your property available for us to enjoy, and especially for the large amount of preparation work to show the property and provide facilities such as benches, tables, shade umbrellas, etc. Maybe the visit will become an annual event on the club calendar?

Wheels Show 2013

Click on link to see the show as reported by ABC

The Canberra Antique and Classic Motor Club was invited by the Royal Canberra National Capital Agricultural Society (RCNCAS) to participate in the Royal Canberra Show’s Centenary celebrations by displaying some of our vehicles at the Show over the three days and joining in the Grand Parades.

Eleven different cars over the three days were on display and attracted attention from patrons and several questions were asked about the vehicles and the club. The vehicles were opposite the main public entry gate so caught the eye of patrons as they entered the Showground. One that attracted a great deal of attention was Chris Mack and the black Tatra. People were amazed and sceptical when told the motor was an air cooled V8 located at the rear of the car.

On the Saturday the cars attending were invited to join in a parade organised specially for historic vehicles and tractors and then later participated in the Grand Parade with all other entrants, including livestock. This was a very slow procession around the ring with the temp. gauge on the Fairlane creeping steadily towards the red zone. I believe the Honda was not enjoying the slow pace either.

Unfortunately on Sunday the weather was not so kind and after several heavy showers which also saw the crowds dwindle, the Grand Parade had to be cancelled as the ground in the main arena was too boggy. The rain was very welcome but I’m sure the RCNCAS wished is could have waited until after closing time.

Thanks to those members who volunteered to spend a day at the Show displaying their vehicles, at least everyone had a chance to go and look at all the exhibits. Although our site was a little walk from the main exhibits, a small train powered by a heavily disguised Kubota tractor, ran all day down to the Flemington Road entrance for those who didn’t want to walk that distance each time.

Jan and David

Shannons Wheels – 13th March 2013

1930 A Model Ford of Michael and Karen Gifford who joined the club last June. Nice story in the Canberra Times with Michael and this car and his father Peter, who has also joined our club, at All Ford Day

There were vehicles for all tastes at the annual Council of ACT Motor Clubs charity Shannon’s Wheels display.

You would be very hard to please if you couldn’t find vehicles that you really liked from the 1200 plus veteran, vintage, classic, historic, modified cars, commercials, motor cycles and special interest vehicles, including three fire appliances, that were on display at Thoroughbred Park on Sunday 17 March 2013.

Mercedes Benz was well represented particularly with 58 Pagoda models celebrating their 50th anniversary.

The Lagonda Australia Group held their second meeting since forming in October 2012 with four vehicles on display, including Alec McKernan’s recently restored 1951 luxury model.

Number 1 Brabham race car was a crowd pleaser as was the 1908 M.A.B. with its V12 Rolls-Royce Merlin WW1 aeroplane engine of 27 litres built in 1918 and a 1909 Mercedes that all made for a colourful display to help raise funds for the Technical Aid to the Disabled (TADACT) who modify or manufacturer equipment for people with disabilities.

TADACT volunteers collected $5,350.00 as entrants and public entered the site. This is an excellent result of which the Canberra Antique and Classic Motor Club, Mercedes Benz Club and The Council of ACT Motor Clubs and Thoroughbred Park can be justly proud.

The annual display now in its 31st year has raised more than $400 000 for local Canberra charities.

Canberra Antique and Classic Motor Club was well represented with around 95 vehicles on display.

The Thoroughbred Park location was generally well received by participants and Roger Amos who volunteered to organise the event on behalf of our Club with his team of volunteer helpers and marshals should be well pleased with the way the day progressed, with most vehicles in situation well before 9.00am.

Ollie Walker and his Model T Ford featured on ABC TV Sunday night news program and the Mercedes Benz Pagodas in the Canberra Times on Monday 18 March.

Graham Gittins

Of much interest at the show was the McKernan 1951 Lagonda which Alec worked hard to get restored for Wheels.