Events Reports – 2011-2012

The CLASSIC YASS Celebration of Heritage Motoring – 3 November 2012

This annual car show event is growing in size each year filling the available parking spaces with over 160 cars on display from the 1911 Cadillac to cars in the early 1980’s. The weather was initially overcast and cool but cleared after lunch to some sunny breaks. Again the CACMC club was well represented with around 12 club members and couples attending this car show and presenting their cars in the park where all vehicles were parked orderly in periods from 1911 to the early 1980’s.

Car clubs from surrounding towns including Canberra, Goulburn, Young, Cowra, Queanbeyan, Yass, Gundagai were in attendance with their well presented cars and also including vintage motor bikes and ex army vehicles/bikes. The ‘’Hips’’ seven piece band played many golden oldie numbers from 11am to 3pm and people sat under the large shady trees enjoying this old time music. I thought the temporary workshop/garage set up by the Yass car club which included a collection of antique tools and workshop equipment used up to 50 years ago and beyond was a very interesting display. Also the 1955 Renault blue and white Taxi presented by the Young club was a great addition to this car show.

As mentioned in my brief report on last years event I again met Keith Capps of the Cowra club who again presented his Ford 1928 4 door A model and Keith told me that this year he and his wife drove up to Darwin and return from Cowra without mishap or any mechanical breakdown, a distance of 9,300 K’s. I thought this was worthy of a mention in our club magazine and the similar trip and distance to Perth last year by Keith and his wife again without any major mechanical breakdown, is a great recommendation for the reliability of the Ford 1928 A model cars. Many modern cars could not match this reliability over this distance.

There was a large attendance of the public throughout the day to view the 160 cars, army trucks, antique motor bikes, around 10 racing cars, model aeroplane displays and the large number of billy cart races run over a number of categories.

CACMC members who enjoyed the hospitality of the Yass Club, the cars displayed, the intermingling with other car club members and the live band included:
Harry Crawford
Ray and Anne Gallagher
Ken and Jeanette Walker
David and Jan Wyatt
Clive and Joan Glover
Brian MacKay
Michael and Vanda Catanzariti
Clive and Merilyn Castles
Vin Liston
John Liston
David and Tora Bennett
Charlie Adams
Graham Bigg
Graham and Heather Gittins
Alan Martin

Thanks Alan. And Graham

Ron and Gail Hartshorn’s Museum at Gooda Park, Murrumbateman – 16th Sept 2012

Thirty CACMC vehicles and a large number of club members enjoyed the spring weather and hospitality of Ron, Gail and son Mark Hartshorn at their fantastic displays inside and outside of the large Museum shed. Ron had prepared a large grassed area for vehicle parking behind the Museum shed and had parked his restored 1936 Ford truck, 1956 Ford sedan and Corvette and Mark’s 1936 Chev ute as well as their two hotrods in this area. Club members parked their vintage and historic vehicles neatly in this grassed area.

A restored International Army vehicle was also presented at this display. The Museum included at least 12 restored farm and industrial large machines inside the new shed, many dating back to 1914 and earlier. Two of the machines were demonstrated in short operating spells which provided great interest for our club members. The museum included a huge number of antique and historic items used in garages, farms and factories over the past 100 years, a large number of historic petrol bowsers, enamel garage signs, antique locks and various items used in machine and vehicle repairs in times gone by. The museum attracted a lot of interest from our club members as they moved through the displays and the feedback from the members was that they enjoyed inspecting the large collection and organised neat displays of like items. This Museum included a large workshop for all types of mechanical repairs and the majority of the repairs and restorations have been undertaken on site under the control of Ron.

A nearby shed contained a large collection of antique and historic farm and industrial machines awaiting restorations and it is great to see these items restored and displayed in the Museum for future generations. Club members enjoyed the coffee and BBQ facility expertly managed by Vin Liston and they gathered in lunch groups outside the Museum.

Cheers, Alan Martin

President’s Run 19th August 2012

Ray Gallagher lifted the bonnet of his Austin!!
The President’s Run this year consisted of driving past and naming some of the artworks displayed around the city. 17 cars, 27 members, participated in the event with the aim being to name the selected artworks with their correct name if known or more importantly, give each artwork your first impression name and just have some fun doing so.

The run took us through Parkes, into the city around London Circuit, past Glebe Park then out to Belconnen. Members did not have to stop in order to get the correct name but some members managed to find parking spots around the city centre and obtain the correct name as well as giving them their own name. Only a small selection of the many Canberra artworks were chosen for the run.

Members came up with some interesting names of their own with the winners being Michael and Anne Toole with Graham and Ellen Waite coming second.

A bar-b-que lunch awaited us at the end of the run. Thanks to Daniel and Chris and Irene Berry for having it ready and their expert cooking.
Thanks to Jan

Harry Crawford with his prototype wind and rain deflector on his Austin. And note the driving headwear.

British win Battle of Waterloo – Again

Club at the ‘Battle of Waterloo’ British and French car display, 17 June 2012.
Charlie Adams – 1935 Austin 10, Paul Cuneen – 1937 Y series Ford, Ross Nerdal – 1925 Austin 12, Roger Amos – 1969 MGB
Harry Crawford video interviews with members of the Canberra Antique and Classic Motor Club.

In 1815 the Duke of Wellington defeated Emperor Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo. On the one hundred and ninety sixth anniversary, the battle was fought again in, Canberra, when the French and British cars faced-off, the winner being the side with the greatest number of vehicles on display.

The 2012 winner, for the third year in a row, was the British with 61 against 41 French vehicles on display.

It was unfortunate that the display is held in the middle of Canberra’s winter which made it very unpleasant for the vehicle owners.

Among the 61 British vehicles displayed were a good collection Austin’s including Austin 7s a three litre Austin and Austin 1300 GT both rare in Australia, Morris Minors, Jaguars, Armstrong Siddley’s, Rolls Royce, Vauxhall, and MGs with an early model Ford Prefect and Ford Anglia rounding out the British collection.

On the French side there were Peugeots, Renaults and Citroens – mainly of the more modern variety.

The battle is held in good spirits, with owners of British and French cars swapping tales of their experiences of owning various marques. Some exhibitors have both British and French vehicles in their garages.
The display is organised by the three French car clubs and bottles of ‘Arrogant Frog’ red wine were given as raffle prizes.

Despite the weather, one thing is for sure – the British and French cars owners will be back again next year for the Battle of Waterloo.

Canberra antique and Classic Motor club members who attended the display included:
Roger Amos Joe Micallef
Paul and Vicki Bray Wayne and Sandra Smith
Jim Clough Harry Crawford
Vin Liston John Liston
Roger and Barbara Phillips Grahame Crocket
Chris Berry Col Gardner
Charlie Adams John de la Torre
David and Jan Wyatt Ray Gallagher
Geoff Tyrrell Ken Walker
Graham Bigg Graham Gittins
Thanks to Graham Gittins

National Motoring Heritage Day 20th May 2012

On Sunday 20th May our club along with members from the Mercedes Club, Morris Minor, BMC and STHARC clubs participated in a drive through some of the Canberra streets to commemorate National Motoring Heritage Day.

About 45 cars gathered in the Tuggeranong Bunning’s carpark before we departed at 10am after Chris Berry handed out instructions for the drive. We had some stops along the way in case some of the slower cars needed to catch up. After travelling along the Parkway, our first stop was Scrivener Dam carpark, which was overflowing with our cars.

We then proceeded along beside the lake and into the City, parking at the Law Courts/Police Station carpark. After a re-group there, we continued on through Civic and across Commonwealth Avenue Bridge before passing through Parkes and under Kings Avenue Bridge. We were in time to see some of the dogs and people participating in the Million Paws Walk (everyone’s mate “George” included in those participants). We then proceeded through Kingston and gathered again at Manuka Pool.

After that we passed through Manuka and made our way through Yarralumla to the carpark at Yarralumla next to the YMCA Sailing Club with 39 cars finishing the drive. Thanks to Vin Liston who was waiting there with the Bar-B-Que trailer and the ‘billy boiling’ for us to enjoy a hot drink. Several people also took advantage of the trailer to cook some lunch.

Many of you may have spotted Geoff Hall, one of our club members taking footage of the run at various points. Geoff has compiled a video for us .Thanks very much Geoff for doing this.

Again we were lucky with the weather and members enjoyed lunch in the sunshine.

Thanks to all our members for joining in, and a special thanks to the visiting clubs for joining us, we hope to see them again on some of our runs.

Finally, thank you to Chris and Vin, with help from their wives of course, for organising such an enjoyable day.

11th March 2012 – 10th anniversary of the Three Mountains Challenge

Morris Owners Group convener’s wife Wendy Noad made a special chocolate cake to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the conducting of the Three Mountains Challenge on 11 March 2012.

The Challenge takes in Mount Ainslie, Black Mountain and Red Hill and got its name from Wendy’s father, the late Jim Bruce, who owned a Morris Bullnose Cowley which he said ‘was always a challenge ascending and descending the mountains around Canberra because of its two wheel brakes’.

The 30 people in 15 vehicles mustered at the Australian War Memorial café for a cup of coffee or tea before attempting the Mount Ainslie challenge.

All vehicles including MG Old Number One driven by Jim’s son Mark Bruce with his two children, Jenny and Garry Hadley’s Morris Marina, Denis Harding’s prewar Morris Minor, Graham and Heather Gittins MG Magnette, Morris Owner Group’s convener Malcolm Noad with daughter Bronwyn at the wheel of a MGB, John De La Torre in his Morris Major Elite, John Liston in his MGA, Chris and Irene Berry Hillman Husky, Harry Crawford in his Austin 7, another Austin 7 driven by ?? ?? CACMC president David and Jan Wyatt in their Fairlane and Joe Micallef in his Honda and a couple of other moderns which were made honorary Morrises for the duration of the challenge.

Next was Black Mountain followed by Red Hill lookout. No major ‘fail to proceed’ was recorded, making the BBQ lunch prepared by master chefs Vin Liston and Malcolm Noad, at La Trobe Park, all that more enjoyable, before tucking into Wendy’s delicious cake.

Each entrant received a special 10 year commemorative medallion and the Jim Bruce trophy was awarded to Gerry Walker.

The Three Mountains Challenge is held each year on the Sunday of the Canberra Day long weekend.

For details of the Morris Owners Group activities contact Denis Harding on 6281 4497.

Graham Gittins

Heather and Irene take a break in the Berry’s Hillman Husky.

The chocolate cake to celebrate the 10th anniversary.


Drummoyne Homestead with Alan’s cars.

A trip to a country farm, combined with a warm autumn Sunday were two of the attractions that saw around 40 Canberra Antique and Classic Motor Club vehicles, 15 vehicles each from the Goulburn and Yass Clubs descend on Alan Martin’s property Drummoyne , just out of Yass to enjoy a picnic lunch under the trees near the 1920s homestead.

The 1800 acre property has been in the Martin family since the early 1900s and is considered one of the best properties in the Yass district.

A great range of vehicles from the three clubs made the trip and included a Model T Ford truck and Chris Berry’s Chrysler which has not been seen on club runs for some time. (Also Harry Crawford’s Citroen.)

A Bren gun carrier attracted a lot of attention when the owner, a neighbour of Alan’s, fired up the Cadillac V8 engine and did a couple laps around a grass area.

The tracked vehicle according to Vin Liston was a b*****d to drive. Vin should know, as he learnt to drive them in the latter stages of the World War II.

The Yass Machinery Club also bought an ex army field kitchen to cook their roast leg of lamb and vegetables lunch. According to Clive Castles the wood fired field kitchen was capable of preparing meals for 200 soldiers at a time.

Alan rescued a couple of unusual light stands from outside a local night club and positioned them around the picnic area and invited visitors to write their name and vehicle type on them as a keep sake of the day.

The only reported vehicle problem was Sue and Tony Roberts MGB which on the way home suffered ignition problems when the coil tested red hot and no spare at hand meant a slow trip stopping every two kilometres to allow the coil to cool down.

So impressed with the intermingling with the members of the three clubs was club president David Wyatt that he suggested to Alan that the event should be a regular happening on the three club’s event calendar. Alan readily agreed to the idea.

Graham Gittins

Heavy vehicles from Yass Club.

Jan could laugh after a hectic week, Daniel is scratching his head but Chris and Clive have the layout maps under control

Shannons wheels 2012 display day – 25 March 2012
Thoroughbred Park, Mitchell

At the time of counting there were 862 vehicles on display at this year’s Wheels. In CACMC display, 87 vehicles. Thank you to all those who took part and special thank to the Events Committee and Daniel for the organisation and everyone who helped with marshalling or helped in any way.

I hope not too many got lost but it was advertised on radio, in the Canberra Times and by email to those of you on the e-Colonial list who were asked to let friends know of the new venue. Graham Bigg sat at the lawns of OPH for some time to redirect but only saw two cars (who thought he was lost!). Thanks to Thoroughbred Park for the use of their site and surprisingly there were a lot of visitors to the display. We wait to see how much was raised for the chosen charity Rotary ShelterBox.

The McKernan’s feel their Bean is still in the family as it was sold to friends Denise and Peter Sturgess

Good to see Barry Boyce there but they didn’t manage their usual big display of cars.
Graham Gittins presented Barry with a certificate for attending the first Wheels in 1982.

Collection of club cars. Some Shiraz and Chardonnay colours

Little Bridge Wines – 19 February 2012

Thank you to all the members and visitors who attended our February run to Little Bridge Winery at Bywong which is a partnership of four, one partner being our webmaster John Jeffrey. John said they were very pleased to have us visit and hoped we might do it again in the future. 39 members and 2 visitors relaxed and enjoyed some wine tasting and learnt about how the partnership started. There was also a prize for guessing how the Little Bridge which crosses Brooks Creek was made. This was won by Alan Martin who guessed that the bridge was made out of a Railway Car Carrier.

Thanks to John and his team for making the outing a very pleasant one for us.

John Jeffery (pink and white) and Ken Herne (black and grey) 1956 Buicks


The 85-yearold debate on where the first Australian Grand Prix was raced continued in January 2012 when the Golden Era Automobile Racing Club (GEAR) held an anniversary display, two days of racing and dinner to celebrate what they claim was the first running of the AGP on 15 January 1927 in Goulburn New South Wales. This is a year before the officially recognised first Australian Grand Prix was conducted on Phillip Island, Victoria, which was won by the son-in-law of Lord Austin in an Austin 7.

Goulburn’s claim is based on a newspaper advertisement which appeared in the Goulburn Evening Post newspaper. Supporting the Goulburn claim, author John Medley said the discovery of the advertisement was a momentous find and the records should be amended to reflect that the first AGP was held in New South Wales and not Victoria. ‘The 1927 event was held at the Goulburn showground on a one mile 75 yards roughly oval dirt track and was actually called the Australian Grand Prix’.

President of GEAR Barry Parsons said: ‘This is not just some petty argument between New South Wales and Victoria over bragging rights. It is an essential part of Australia’s motor racing history’.

The GEAR club has held three events to mark the anniversary of the events at intervals of five years apart – 2002 75th anniversary, 2007 80th anniversary and 2012 the 85th anniversary.

Whether the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) will recognise the Goulburn claim and amend the records books accordingly is a matter of wait and see.

The 2012 festivities began on Friday 13 January with a street display of historic racing cars and a selection of heritage vehicles, located just off the main street of City of Goulburn, followed by two days of racing at Wakefield Park and a dinner on the Saturday evening.

Guest speaker at the dinner Mr John Goss spoke about his early racing days at Longford in Tasmania and his win in the 1976 Australian Grand Prix in a Matich Repco A53 at Sandown Victoria. He also suggested that the anniversary should be an annual event not every five years.

For the record Geoff Meredith in a Bugatti T30 won the Goulburn race.

Graham Gittins

Alec & Anne McKernan
Trip to Adelaide and the Bay to Birdwood and return

Last year I said to Anne that it is 48 years since I worked in the mining industry in Broken Hill and as I have never been back we should think about a holiday trip there, as well as a trip to Adelaide at that time.

We met up with Graham Gittins soon after who suggested making it a club trip as few club members it seems had been to Broken Hill. We set about planning such a trip, with Adelaide first to incorporate a Bay to Birdwood rally on 25th September.

Finally on the crisp morning of 20th September 30 members in 15 cars gathered on the Barton highway truck stop at Hall to commence our trip, to be farewelled by Ken Walker.
Members comprised: Berrys in their Humber Vogue, Castles in their Mercedes 280E, Wyatts in their Ford Fairlane, Gallaghers in their Austin A60, Applebys in their Nissan X Trail, Smiths in their Austin Healey 100, McCullochs in their Alfa Romeo Guilia, Micallefs in their Honda Prelude, Seniors in their Humber Snipe, Brays in their Rover SD1, Garretts in their Toyota Camry, Gittins in their MG Magnette, Waites in their Honda Accord, Walkers in their Hyundai Elantra, and us in our Volvo 122S. The Douglases in their Datsun 260Z and the Marshes in their Falcon joined us later in the trip. All members had mobile phones to advise of any car troubles or ad hoc visits to friends or places of interest.

Our first port of call was to visit a private vintage and veteran collection in Wagga Wagga arranged by John Snedden a friend of the car display owner, Arthur Garthon. These cars included a 1926 Crossley, a 1908 Rover, a 1948 MG TC and an MGB.

Our first night was spent in Albury following dinner at the Commercial Club. Bright and shiny next morning we headed off to Yarrawonga to see one of the best collections of clocks, over 500 in all. After lunch we left for Bendigo where the ladies and two ‘blokes’ visited the Victorian and Albert London museum collection of 200 years of white wedding dresses at the View Street Art Gallery. This was an impressive display.

A long trip to Mount Gambier lay ahead the next day. Stopping along the way at interesting places. Very impressive was the mysterious Blue Lake which curiously changes colour. Locals said that we were two weeks early. Next day we went to Victor Harbour, a pretty seaside town and after taking in the sights the next day we went on to Adelaide for 3 days.

On arrival in town Scott Appleyard an interstate member of this club escorted us to various sights to take in the views of the city from Windy Point and through the beautiful Botanic Gardens. A stop at Torrens Weir on the way to the Austin Seven Club where he and other members put on a lovely BBQ dinner for us. Is this where Ray sold his car?

In Adelaide on day two the Bay to Birdwood Rally was on from Glenelg to the National Motor Museum in Birdwood. Several of our group were entered in the rally and thoroughly enjoyed themselves and heard us all cheer as they went past. The rest of us who have previously done the rally sat on the lawns of Anzac Highway outside our motel to watch all the rally cars and motor bikes come past from 9-30 to 11-30 am. Chris and Irene shared the day with their beautiful grandchildren.

On the Monday morning we went to Maggie Beer’s farm property organised by Heather and Graham. We watched our meal being prepared and cooked and a demonstration of their products. Our Jim Appleby volunteered to help in this preparation and performed admirably. The meal was prepared using her farm grown olives and vegies. Local wines were served to compliment the great meal. During the afternoon we all went off to “do our own thing”, such as a trip to Port Adelaide. Alec and David Marsh visited an acquaintance of Alec’s who owns a convertible version of his 2.6 litre Lagonda sedan. Alec was keen to photograph certain items of this car as his car is in many pieces at the moment.

Whether it was the weather in Adelaide I know not but various car problems arose there, most of which were fixed quickly. My car developed a leak in the oil pressure switch which allowed oil to drip on to the hot exhaust, leading to advice from following members “Jeez mate your old Volvo smokes a lot ! ” I said they don’t normally burn oil before 500,000 kms. Anyway a visit to a parts shop with Scott Appleyard secured the required replacement part.

Chris had a clutch fork problem which meant out with the gearbox or engine. With the use of Scott’s workshop all was fixed. John had a carby problem with the Humber which he solved. Graham Gittins had a tube problem which he got repaired. Bob’s 260Z developed an intermittent misfire which did not cause any real problems before arriving home where he went looking for a cause.

On leaving Adelaide we travelled to historic Burra where copper in large quantities was once mined from the largest copper mine in Australia. A row of nicely restored miner’s cottages was there on display. Car troubles had not left us as David and Jan found. On coming into Burra a stone was thrown up which put a hole in the bottom of David’s radiator but he was able to get to a local garage to have it repaired. He was impressed by the quick and very cheap service, done by a competent mechanic who was happy to help.

This town had the junction of three different rail gauges, which in more recent times was converted to standard gauge. In the magnificent town hall was a very large wall hanging of a quilt made for the bicentennial which features the story and history of the town. At dinner a local historian spoke about the early days of the town and the importance of Peterborough to the rail lines.

From there we left for “Silver City” the name used for Broken Hill where silver, lead and zinc are still mined, along with some gold and copper.

In Broken Hill the Veteran and Vintage Car Club as per an earlier offer, put on a BBQ dinner in a hall owned by the main mine in Broken Hill, the Perilyia Mine. Don Prunsinski the car club president supervised the nice meal we had.

The next day Don took us sight seeing to the winding cable sheds and workshops at the Perilya mine. Broken Hill has changed a lot since I worked there as junior engineer 48 years ago. We visited Jack Absolams opal collection and art gallery, which was a great display. Pro Hart’s gallery also was great to see, as was the city museum. We went out to Silverton built before Broken Hill. This was the location for the making of the Mad Max films. In the village was a truly great museum which used the now unused gaol, jammed packed with very good displays.

On leaving Broken Hill we headed south past Coombah with only a couple of buildings left. The main one was a petrol station which had run out of supplies of the 160 cents per litre fuel. So, some of our group had to travel more slowly to the next town of Wentworth some 300 Kms away to conserve petrol.

In Wentworth we gazed at the junction of two mighty rivers, the Darling and the Murray, then on to Mildura where we stayed for two days. The first day there we all went on a paddle steamer cruise for several hours including the use of a deep river loch.

We then went to Lake Boga near Swan Hill to see the World War 2 Catalina Flying boat museum by the lake which during the war the Catalina took off from to go to many strategic locations around the country. It was also used by the Americans and the Dutch with their water based planes during the War.

From there we went to Kerang to stay a night before travelling on to Echuca to look at the Holden museum and many places of interest in the town.

The next night was spent in Shepparton as Echuca was booked out by thousands attending the Elmore Field Days. In Shepparton we went to the Ardmona–SPC seconds store to stock up on cans of fruit and vegies most of which had scratches and dents which prevented normal sales outlets.

Then came our final day which was Beechworth which is a town full of history. Next to our motel was Hotel Nicholas where we had our “windup” dinner where speeches were made and awards presented. A great time was had by all. The next morning we all headed for home.

Anne and I would like to thank all the members of the tour for their help and assistance, with particular thanks going to Graham and Heather for Graham’s photos, paperwork and for arranging for the supply of goods for the raffles. etc, and to David and Verna Marsh for the prizes donated for the quiz nights. Thanks also to Ray and Anne, Bob and Carole for their help in the planning stages.

Before the tour we chose the charity to support along the way. This was the Mothercraft Association at QE2 home for mothers and babies in Curtin. The monies raised will go to nurses scholarship fund.

Our thanks to the ladies for the knitting of squares they did whilst we were motoring along which will be sewn into rugs and be presented to the Mothercraft Association at the November club meeting. $410 was raised from raffles of items donated as well as from “misdemeanour”
fines for such things as being later for dinner or happy hour, or as one lady found being fined for leaving her handbag in the last town, getting lost or for exceeding the speed limit. Thank you all for embracing this charity so generously. They tell me that SEX is a misdemeanour, the more you miss the meaner you get !

Alec and Anne


Well done to the Custom and Rod Club for organising great weather and a well conducted event for the Council of ACT Motor Clubs. Bruce Perry as Events Director for the Council should take a bow. There were a large number of Clubs participating and the vehicles ranged from the V Racers to the more sedate vehicles such as the vintage cars of the Canberra Antique and Classic.

I was with the Morris Minor Club for most of the day, funny I couldn’t drive two car so the Vauxhall stayed at home and the Morris came out for a run. I wonder how do Barry and Graham Boyce manage with their large fleet. Alec McKernan also had the same problem as he brought out the Pie Cart with ( I was reliably informed) Graham Bigg following in his TR3 to pick up the bits that fall off. The Pie Cart was parked close to Shannons Insurance display very apt as they were a major sponsor in it’s rebuilding as they were of Marques 2011.

About 40 cars (actually 39 cars, 1 motor cycle and 44 members)attended from the Club a number only exceeded by Wheels and possibly the chicken and champagne twilight run in January. That should serve as a reminder for members to give the events committee names if they are going to attend the twilight run. A reminder also that if you have single membership you will need to pay $5 each for your guests even if it is your partner.

The Club had one of the bigger displays of the day with a wide range of vehicles from Joe’s Japanese Rover to Barbara’s lovely 105E Anglia. Dave Rogers TR5 had to be my favourite but everyone knows I can’t tell one American car from another so I’m not likely to pick the left hand drive immaculate Cadillac am I?

Thanks Jan, David and Vin (and anyone else who helped) for bringing and keeping the hot water flowing on our barbecue trailer, the coffee fix kept me going through the day. Great to see you all on the day even though the comments flowed on my Morris Minor Club gear.

The trip home in the Minor was uneventful but I do have to mention the car stranded by the side of the road. Unfortunately Graham Waite’s Chevrolet had problems with fuel supply. Typical of the camaraderie that goes with our Club and the historic vehicle movement there were three cars stopped ready to help. With Bob Garrett, Graham Bigg and David Wyatt assisting to remove and repair the faulty carburettor the operation was successfully completed.

Graham then proceeded to return home with the Chev showing its paces (30mph – I was impressed I had trouble keeping up in the Morris) up the Tuggeranong Parkway with only a stutter or two (according to Graham). I had to include the photo – sorry Graham.


German Autofest – 18 September 2011

All the German vehicle manufacturers: Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, VW, BMW cars and motor cycles, were represented at the German Autofest held in Canberra on 18 September 2011.

In one of the biggest ‘country of origin’ events in the National Capital, more than 300 vehicles were displayed, including more than 75 Mercedes Benz.

Two unusual vehicles were a pair of early VW Kombi split screen panel vans one which had been restored the other in original condition.

A full range of VWs were on display from the VW Beetle through the latest Golfs with examples of Passat, Karmann Ghia and commercial vehicles also present.

Two Mercedes standout were the Mercedes-Benz 320 CE Cabriolet and a 1964 230 SL. The Mercedes Benz Club display also included the 2011 Mercedes-Benz G Class G55 AMG SUV 5 litre V8 off-road vehicle.

A 1958 BMW Isetta 300 in beautiful condition was a real crowd pleaser, with many people commenting that it was just like the one Gina drives in the British Heartbeat Television program.

The BMW car club display featured the full range of BMWs, as did Porsche with a good line up of Porsche 911s and 956s.

The display day supported the Prostate Cancer Support Foundation.

Vehicle owners enjoyed beautiful spring weather of around 24 degrees C on the Patrick White Lawns set located between the National library of Australia and Lake Burley Griffin.
Graham Gittins

Yass Classic car show held at Banjo Patterson Park – Saturday 5 November 2011.

It was a lovely spring day with around 140 cars and 20 motor bikes on display. There was a live band of 7 musicians called the ‘’ HIPS ‘’ from Sydney who have played at the YASS CLASSIC for the past few years, playing all the golden oldies and they attracted a great audience for 4 hours under the shade of the park trees. It was a great opportunity to meet up with car club members from a number of clubs including Yass, Canberra, Young, Cowra, Cootamundra, Young and Goulburn.

The CACMC Club was well represented with around 14 members showing their cars including the following members with partners: Clive Glover, Charlie Adams, Chris Berry, Graham Bigg, Ken Walker, Vin Liston, John Liston Roger Phillips, Barbara Phillips, Daniel Wyatt, David Wyatt, Petra Wyatt, Janice Wyatt, Michael Toole, John, de la Torre and Alan Martin. Photos as attachments are; 1077, Charlie Adam’s 1950 Studebaker; 1078, Chris Berry’s Hillman Husky; 1080, Ken Walker’s Austin Sports ; 1082, A Morris plus matching Tear Drop Caravan ; 1086, a Chev Bread Van from Milton ; and 1087, photo of the Wyatt family and Clive Glover relaxing in the car park.

The hospitality from the Yass Club was good and a free morning tea of cream/jam scone, cake, tea and coffee was provided for all entrants. The marketing and administration of this event by the Yass club was first class with a vast array of other events such as billy cart races, working antique small farm machinery and tractors on display working model trains, the fantastic music from the ‘’Hips’’ live band, many food stalls and BBQ’s.

One interesting item I discovered was talking to an elderly entrant from Cowra displaying an A model Ford and who has recently driven this vehicle to Perth and back with his wife as a passenger by themselves with no punctures or major mechanical breakdowns other than the starter motor becoming unserviceable and this did not cause a problem as the car could easily be cranked.
Alan Martin


Despite the bleak weather conditions today both myself, Brian McKay Phil Cancillier and Albert Neuss all Canberra Classic and Antique Car Club members displayed our cars.

Whilst I attended for the networking opportunities and the viewing of all cars on display all 4 CACMC members were awarded trophies.

I was lucky to be awarded the car of the show for the 1929 Studebaker Commander Regal sedan. Brian’s award was for the best veteran/vintage car for his 1948 Plymouth. Phil received the Mayor’s Choice award as well as the best original restored car for his 1939 8/40 Buick Coupe. Albert received two awards, with one being the best restored General Motors vehicle for his 1950 Holden and the other for his 1942 Chrysler for the best restored Australian Chrysler. I have checked with the other three CACMC members and they confirm the above awards as correct.

This was a good achievement for the CACMC club and I am sure the other three members were like me, attended this display of over 200 cars for the networking, meeting with other members, viewing of all displayed cars and did not display their cars looking for awards.

As an example of networking at all car events I met a Sydney family at the car show who own around 600 acres of land in the hills this side of Bredbo and the family advised they have two or three run down Studebakers on their property and I have arranged with this family to view the Studebakers this Saturday with Charlie Adams and Ken Herne.

Cheers, Alan Martin

Big turnout for the fourth B2B run – 17th July 2011

The Far South Coast of New South Wales offers motorists a pristine coastline taking in beaches, lakes, inlets and villages. Within the section between Batemans Bay and Bermagui was the route selected for the bi-annual Bay to Bermagui run for bishopric motor cycles and cars.

Organized by the Classic and Vintage Motor club of Eurobodalla, the B2B took entrants on a 120 kilometre (66 Miles) journey along the coast roads to discover coastal villages which populate this section of the coast. The 2011 B2B attracted 190 people in 120 vehicles for the fourth running of the event.

Participants had the opportunity to visit the Old Mogo Town theme park which reconstructed the gold rush of the 1850s, The Mogo Zoo with its pride of white lions and the many craft shops in the village. The town of Moruya was where 173 000 blocks of granite were quarried in the late 1920s for the pylons of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Tuross Head is a favourite spot for whale watchers as they migrate north. Mystery Bay was so named following the disappearance of three men while canoeing north from Bega. Their canoe was discovered some months later, but the men were never found.
Bermagui at the end of the run was a favourite fishing spot for American Western author Zane Gray who in the 1920s and 1930s made frequent visits to fish for the big game fish. It was the location were a delicious boxed fish and chips lunch was served as entrants finished the run and put the vehicles on display.

The return to Bateman Bay was via the shorter Princes Highway route which gave entrants the opportunity to have a rest before attending the gala dinner at the Marina Resort.
The weekend raised around $8000 for the Prostate Foundation. There was a big contingent from CACMC who did very well in the raffles and prize department at the gala dinner. Graham and Heather Gittins were awarded a bottle of wine for being two of the few people who had attended all four B2B runs, while Chris Berry, Bob Douglas, and Clive Castles each won prizes in the raffle.

David and Jan Wyatt played Good Samaritan when they came across a family in a Volvo which had failed to proceed, David and Jan took three of the family members and another vehicle stopped to take the remaining members of the family to Bermagui.
The Volvo suffered alternator problems and was repaired in Narooma in time for the family to travel back to Sydney.
CACMC members who attended included:
Alec and Anne McKernan
Bob and Carole Douglas
Chris and Irene Berry
Grahame and Dee Crocket
Clive and Merilyn Castles
Graham and Heather Gittins
David and Jan Wyatt
Daniel and Petra Wyatt
Roger and Barbara Phillips
David Wignall
Peter Hoskins
Brian McKay
Thanks to Graham Gittins.


About 40 cars arrived at the Acton Ferry terminal for the National Motoring Heritage Day run on a very cold (minus 8 in some suburbs) but sunny morning. The run route was designed to go past and stop at some of the oldest and significant sites in Canberra.

Stops were made at various sites: Old Parliament House, Manuka Pool, Dunrossil Drive and Red Hill Lookout so that the cars could re-group and take off again in a convoy. According to feedback received this proved to be a good choice as it enabled various people to take photos of the cars assembled together.

The run concluded at La Trobe Park in Deakin (at the foot of Red Hill Lookout) where the BBQ trailer was in attendance for people to cook some lunch and enjoy a hot drink. Also thanks to Gerry Walker for bringing the Morris Club BBQ to assist with cooking lunch. The origins of La Trobe Park can be traced back to Walter Burley Griffin’s influence and has been established since 1928 as an open space where people of all ages can enjoy picnics and informal sporting activities. This was one of the reasons the venue was chosen.

Special thanks to the Southern Tablelands Heritage Automotive Restorers Club, the Morris Club and Mercedes Club who joined us for the day, as well as a thank you to our own members for participating. Everyone seemed to enjoy the day.
David and Jane

Austins over Australia – 25 April 2011

Austins over Australia 2011 was held in Forbes NSW between 22-25 April and attracted 218 entrants with some international entrants. Five members from the CACMC attended, Anne & Ray Gallagher, Paul Jamieson, Aileen & George Sturgess, Maureen & Joe Vavra and Jeanette & Ken Walker. The weather was perfect over the entire event and all enjoyed their days in the sun.

Anne & Ray, Aileen & George and Jeanette & Ken left Canberra on Monday 18 April and spent a few days in Forbes before the Rally commenced. One day was taken up with a visit to the Age of Fishes Museum at Canowindra. Our visit was most enjoyable and the Museum provided an excellent morning tea. Later we had a good look at Canowindra and Eugowra including a visit to Escort Rock. The road between Eugowra and Canowindra was badly pot-holed as a result of the recent floods. Also we were able to fit in a couple of visits to McFeeters Car Museum before it became too busy.

The Rally itself started on Good Friday with the Annual Forbes Camel Races. A large umber of the AoA cars attended and were on display inside the running track. Camel racing seems to have considerable affinity to old cars; the camels are often hard to get started, cantankerous, ill-behaved and difficult to steer in a straight line. Apart from the eight races there were shearing demonstrations, sheep dog displays and a fashion display from R M Williams. Despite the lack of a Form Guide, Jeanette Walker managed to pick a winner and was the only successful punter in our group. In the evening a Meet and Greet Function was held at the Forbes Services Club which was to be the venue for all the evening activities.

Saturday was a run to Cowra via Eugowra and Canowindra, the potholed road attracting much criticism but it was a reminder of the state of the roads when the cars were our everyday transport. Lunch at Cowra was held on Holman Oval with the cars lined up around the perimeter. Afterwards the entrants took the opportunity to visit many of the tourist attractions in Cowra. Saturday night was a BBQ at the Services Club.

Sunday’s main event was a Show and Shine Day on Grinstead Oval, however, before getting there we all had to do a Poker Run through Forbes. The display on the oval was a chance to see the full array of entrants which ranged from a 1910 15hp Vertesse to a 1987 Montego. The display included 20 vintage and veteran cars and 26 Austin 7s which was one of the strongest showings for these classes of cars seen at an AoA event.
A photo of Joe and Maureen Vavra with their Sheerline featured on page 2 of the Forbes Chronicle in the Tuesdays edition. The evening featured the Presentation Dinner with the award of trophies following voting at the Display Day.

Monday, Anzac Day, took us to the Pioneer Museum at Parkes. A look through the
King’s Castle featuring a wide collection of Elvis memorabilia, a small but interesting Motor Museum and a large collection of artefacts. As well there was a wide display of arming equipment, some of which were started and operated for demonstration purposes. Afterwards it was time to say our goodbyes with promises to see everyone again at the next AoA at Bendigo in 2013.

Overall it was an enjoyable and successful event and apart from a couple of punctures our cars were trouble free throughout the weekend. Ray Gallagher

SHANNONS WHEELS EXPO 2011 – 27th March 2011

More than 1000 cars, commercials, motor bikes and fire appliances, varying from veteran and vintage to classics and moderns, graced the lawns in front of the Museum of Democracy at Old Parliament House for the annual Shannons Wheels Expo on Sunday 27 March.
Canberra Antique and Classic Motor Club had around 80 vehicles plus 22 Buicks from the Sydney Buick Club on display. The Buicks made a spectacular presentation and attracted a great deal of attention from other vehicle owners.
The annual display now in its 29th year was organised by the club on behalf of the Council of ACT Motor Clubs. Mainly by Club President Daniel Wyatt, who when seen taking a relaxing few minutes breakaround the club barbeque trailer, looking well pleased with the days event. Apart from a couple of grumbles about club locations the day went smoothly with most vehicles on site before the 10am official opening time to the public.
ShelterBox was this year the charity—a Rotary club project which provides 10 person tents, bedding, tools, childrens activity pack, cooking equipment, crockery, cutlery and wood burning stove for use in natural disaster areas. 500 ShelterBoxes have recently been deployed in Japan and a further 5000 are ready to be dispatched.
Club member Graham Waite and others from the Rotary Club of Woden Daybreak with a ShelterBox set up were advising people of the project and seeking donations.
As usual the club’s judging panel, led by Club Registrar Bob Alexander inspected vehicles and the public were invited to vote for the people’s choice award. The winners will be announced at the club’s annual dinner later in the year.
Club member Peter Hoskins displayed his AC coupe for the first time, after its restoration and Barbara and Roger Phillips parked the big and small of their fleet a 1959 Cadillac Fleetwood and a 1971 Fiat 500 Bambino side by side.
It was bad luck for Brian McKay keen to show off his new acquisition his recently imported Plymouth, when the roller door failed to stop and hit the roof of the car and Brian’s head, requiring several stitches before he arrived at Wheels. The Plymouth will have to wait another day before it is shown to the club membership at large.Congratulations to the Club’s event team who organised the display area for members vehicles and particular thanks to Daniel Wyatt for taking control of the day overall on behalf of the Council of ACT MotorClubs. Graham Gittins.

Seniors Expo – 24 March 2011

The CACMC and its vehicles has become a regular attraction at the annual Seniors Expo. The event which was held again at the Old Bus Depot at Kingston, was organised by the Council of the Ageing (COTA) who look after the interests of those older than 50!

We had a wide range of vehicles amongst the 13 classic cars we had on display. Thanks to Alec McKernan for driving in the Pie Cart from its current home in Queanbeyan – that could have been the densest traffic it had ever seen with the traffic at a crawl all the way!

Others there were: Vin Liston – Morris, Jim Clough – Chrysler, Alan Martin – Studebaker, Ken Walker – Austin 7, Brian McKay – A Model Ford and his very new acquisition 1948 Plymouth Coupe imported from the USA, Ollie Walker – T Model Ford, Phil Donoghoe – Durant, David Wyatt – Fairlane, Gerry Walker – Morris, Graham Bigg – Triumph TR2, Charlie Adams – Studebaker, and Keith and Lilly Carswell – Oldsmobile. A number of other Club members also stopped by and said hello. The Minister Joy Burch MLA took an interest in the cars, but did not have time in her schedule for a drive round the block – perhaps next time?