Club Trophies – how they are awarded

These are the current rules for the award of CACMC trophies as set out in the Club By-Laws:

[Club By-Laws are made by a decision of the Management Committee, and can be altered by a decision of the Management Committee.]


CACMC encourages the restoration, preservation and use of antique and classic motor vehicles. To this end it offers awards to members who contribute to these activities. These awards are of two types, those that are awarded on the basis of the quality of the vehicles and those which recognise contributions to the operation of the Club.

All awards are decided by the Management Committee on the recommendation of various groups or individuals.

 12.1   Vehicle Quality Awards

 Those wishing to have vehicles considered for these awards must complete an application form and forward it to the Registration Officer seven days prior to Wheels. Each vehicle must be presented for judging at Wheels. Although vehicles for judging do not need to be on restricted registration, they must be eligible for restricted registration. In order to be eligible for the trophy the vehicle must have attended three official Club events in the twelve months prior to the Presentation Night at which the awards are to be made. These awards shall be recommended by the Registration Officer and the Examiners who shall rank the nominated vehicles in order, except in the case of the best English Car Award.

12.1.1         Restoration of the Year – Vehicles manufactured before the end of 1945.

12.1.2         Restoration of the Year – Vehicles manufactured after the end of 1945.

Guidelines for both the above categories:

  • Most commendable restoration, in each category, taking into account the type of vehicle and the input of the owner. Criteria to include:
  • Make and age of vehicle.
  • Condition when found (photos) and completeness.
  • Distance travelled to find vehicle and parts.
  • Time taken to restore.
  • Use of vehicle subsequent to restoration.
  • Conditions restored in, eg backyard, garage, workshop.
  • Qualifications and experience of owner.
  • Amount of support given by family and/or friends.
  • Amount of work actually performed by owner.
  • Originality of restoration.

Judged within two years of first registration following restoration and only judged once following each restoration.

12.1.3         Mal Mason Vehicle of the Year Trophy

Awarded to a vehicle that has been bought in a restored or roadworthy or original condition. May be partly or completely restored by others. Judged once in one person’s ownership and within two years of registration in the Club or change of ownership.

12.1.4         Bill Amies Mechanical Excellence Trophy

Judged each year on mechanical condition, restoration and maintenance alone. Criteria to include standard of mechanical repairs or restoration, cleanliness, condition when purchased, age of vehicle, availability of parts, maintenance standard and reliability. Mileage driven during the year should also be taken into account.

12.1.5         The Ross Everitt Best American Marque Trophy

 Presented by three members of the Pontiac Club of the USA in memory of CACMC member Ross Everitt. Awarded to the vehicle of an American marque judged the best presented on show at Wheels. Vehicles will not be considered for the award where they have won the trophy in the last five years.

12.1.6       The Best English Car Award

Eligibility Conditions: The term “English Car” shall be taken as referring to a model of vehicle first manufactured in Great Britain but derivatives of the model manufactured in other countries are also included, e.g. Bantam (USA) and Austin Freeway (AUST). Vehicles manufactured in Great Britain but sold by another car company in other countries, e.g. Nash Metropolitan, are also included.

The car must be owned by a financial member of the Club and be registered.

Previous winners within the last five years are not eligible for a subsequent award.

Judging Panel: The Judging Panel shall comprise three (3) members of the Club, nominated by the Management Committee, who must have an “English Car” registered with the Club. One judge must be a Life Member of the Club and shall have a casting vote in case of a split decision.

Judging Criteria: The Judging Panel shall take into consideration the Condition, Appearance and Presentation of the vehicle on the day, having regard both to the age of the vehicle, the nature of the restoration undertaken, if any, and the use made of the vehicle.

12.2        Participation and Encouragement Awards

12.2.1         Peoples’ Choice

To be voted by the public at Wheels. Members are encouraged to display photographs and information about the vehicle and its restoration.

12.2.2         Bill Southwell Encouragement Trophy

To be awarded to a young, inexperienced or keen member who has achieved a high standard of restoration so far and deserves recognition for his or her efforts It should take into account setbacks in restoration, and difficult conditions with which to work, such as moving house, additions to the family, and work or family responsibilities.

12.2.3         Events Shield

To go to a driver or family who attends the most Club events. Points shall be awarded as follows; 2 points for attendance in an antique vehicle, 1 point in a modern vehicle, 1 point for a meeting. Two points shall be awarded to a member who uses a modern vehicle to tow a Club trailer to an event. The Events Director is not eligible. The Events Committee shall recommend this award.

12.2.4         Henry Le Grande Club Participation Award

To go to a member who helps other members, gives assistance with meetings and outings. Someone who freely gives advice, service or time, lends tools and equipment to other members of the Club. Someone who welcomes new members and introduces them around. One who furthers the work of the entire vehicle movement.

12.2.5         Bill Phillips Roaming Ambassador Award

Presented to a Club member who promotes goodwill within the antique vehicle movement in the Canberra region, who spreads goodwill when touring or goes out of his/her way to welcome members of visiting vehicle clubs.

 12.2.6         Hard Luck Trophy

Awarded to someone who has just had plain bad luck resulting in setback of restoration or use of an  old car. To include bad luck on a personal side such as a house burgled, motor accident, health problems or even divorce.

12.2.7         Fossicker’s Award

A person always attending swap meetings, trading parts, etc. Perhaps the lengths that a person goes to in order to obtain parts or a complete car. One who passes on information to other members.

12.2.8         Colonial Award

Recommended by the editor for the best article or the most contributions to the Colonial.

The Committee may from time to time make other awards for outstanding contributions by Club members.

Club members are encouraged to recommend to the Management Committee recipients for the Bill Southwell Trophy, the Henry Le Grande Award, the Bill Phillips Award, the Hard Luck Trophy and the Fossicker’s Award.